Interview with Anton Giosele: Bachelor Thesis at KRATZER AUTOMATION

Congratulations, Anton!

Congratulations, Anton!

Anton Giosele has been working for our company as a student trainee since 2018 and actively supports us in the department “Test Systems”. He has successfully completed his degree this week and took the time to answer a few questions before his well-deserved holidays.

Hello Anton, you have been working here at KRATZER AUTOMATION as a student trainee for quite a while now. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you find us?
After my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, I completed my A-levels at the BOS Unterschleissheim and now my bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Besides the theory, I also wanted to develop my skills in practice and accordingly looked around for working student positions. Thereby I came across KRATZER AUTOMATION. I was immediately enthusiastic about the test bench topic and so I applied here as a working student! Soon, it was clear to me that I would also like to write my bachelor thesis here. When I approached the team, we quickly found a topic.  

We are of course particularly pleased that you also wrote your bachelor thesis here with us. Can you give us a little insight into the thesis?
Of course! The topic of my bachelor thesis is "Complexity and Variant Management for Test Bench Systems". Our products and our portfolio consist of a multitude of components and partly strongly customer-oriented characteristics, which leads to high complexity. I wanted to tackle the root of this issue. Thus I developed a concept to control and reduce this complexity. First, I analyzed the status quo. Based on this, I developed a basic strategy, which was then further concretized and finally implemented in KRATZER AUTOMATION’s structural and process organization.

Wow, that sounds exciting and in step with actual practice!

What did you like best about us? And would you recommend writing a thesis at KRATZER AUTOMATION?
Not only during my bachelor's thesis but also during my work-study activity, I particularly liked the flat hierarchy and the friendly interaction with each other. The colleagues are all very open and helpful. You always get feedback on questions and my contacts always took time for me. What I also really appreciated was that I was able to concentrate completely on the topic during my final thesis and was not tied up with everyday tasks. I have heard completely different things from fellow students. Therefore yes: I can really unconditionally recommend a thesis in the company KRATZER AUTOMATION!

We're glad to hear that! What are your plans for the future?
First, I'm going to take a few weeks off. Nothing special, but just to see something different again. After the bachelor's degree, I will continue with the master's degree, again in the field of study "industrial engineering". In addition, I will continue to support KRATZER AUTOMATION as a working student.  

Thanks for your time, Anton!

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