Hot gas test benches for turbocharger test center of CRITT M2A

Europe's biggest independent testing facility for turbocharger technology starts operations

The French research and development centre CRITT M2A has opened a new testing facility in Bruay-la-Buissière for turbo-superchargers which is equipped by KRATZER AUTOMATION with five hot gas test benches. The facility thus disposes of the largest independent test center for turbocharger development in Europe. 

CRITT M2A can carry out thermodynamic determinations of engine maps for prototypes of different performance classes with the test bench technology of KRATZER AUTOMATION. Hot gas test beds with maximum performance values ranging from 200 kW, 400 kW to 800 kW are employed in the new test center. Furthermore a special test bench was implemented for durability tests of turbochargers and individual components like bearings, turbine wheels and turbine housings. 

Additionally, KRATZER AUTOMATION delivered among other things a thermal shock switch unit as well as a closed-loop system for extended determination of characteristic maps. Moreover, the total solution encompasses a custom-made service concept: KRATZER AUTOMATION provides a resident engineer in the initial phase, who supports CRITT M2A on-site with the planning and execution of tests. 

In future, KRATZER AUTOMATION will also use the new turbocharger test center in the North of France for the further development of its own systems: The company has concluded a license agreement for this with CRITT M2A.