Featuring the testXplorer suite

Integrated testing brought to every testing lab around the world.

With our test field management & data management software testXplorer we bring the digitalization to every testing lab around the world. Easily enhance the usage, efficiency, and transparency of your testing environment, improve processes, and act more cost-efficient.  

The software is well-favored by renowned testing labs for its intuitive user experience, providing smart details such as bread crumbs for quick jumps, contextual navigation, bookmark functions, sortable lists with multi-select enabling batch operations, customizable dashboard content, and a very well-arranged project overview for planning, executing and evaluating the tests.

The web application allows searching for specimens and devices, such as their current location and history, it manages the KPIs for test field utilization, provides a task list & test field overview.

Do you want to conduct your vehicle tests with ease, too? Our expert colleagues are happy to give you an introduction and to consult you on the ideal solution for your test field.