Electric motor test benches

Ideal for testing and characterizing in the development process.

Drive concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles are based on high-performance compact three-phase or six-phase drives with corresponding power electronics. KRATZER AUTOMATION’s electric motor test benches are ideal for testing and characterizing these drives and their inverters in the development process. Typical applications are e.g. efficiency studies, thermal studies, endurance tests, and dynamic drive cycle tests with vehicle simulation.

The test benches consist of a special base frame with air springs, a mounting bracket for the DUT drive, the load machine, and a battery simulator. Operation with a vehicle battery is optional. The conditioning system for the cooling liquid ensures reproducible conditions in the cooling circuit depending on the load. On request, the test bench can be equipped with a climatic chamber to simulate environmental conditions.

We are well prepared for all kinds of setups, such as e-motor plus test bench gearbox, e-Motor back-to-back, or e-axle back-to-back.