DrvHIL series – Traction Inverter Test Benches with E-Motor Emulator

The development and quality protection for electric-powered vehicles require comprehensive tests of each component including energy storage, traction-inverter, and the electric motor.

Not only the test of all these components in combination on an e-motor test bench, but also the exclusive testing of the traction inverter (PIM) is crucial. Therefore, KRATZER AUTOMATION developed the DrvHIL series – Traction Inverter Test Benches with E-Motor Emulator.

The DrvHIL em with E-Motor-Emulation could be ideal for your testing requirements if you are looking for a flexible and highly configurable Power HIL (PHIL) test stand. It offers HV battery simulation, an electric motor emulator, sensor emulators and a FPGA controller for different motor models.

For the DrvHIL pl with passive Load, the e-motor emulator is replaced by a passive load (inductance cabinet). This test setup is particularly suitable for end-of-line testing and cost-efficient functional test benches. The operating point is set by the rotor sensor emulator, the DUT pulses against the passive inductance cabinet.