Cross Docking Control – Increase Productivity of Processes and Warehouse Staff!

6 Reasons to visit us at IntralogisteX – No. 4

Only 2 weeks until IntraLogisteX opens its doors on July 1-2! Our UK colleagues are eager to answer your questions on cadis - the operational Transport Management System at booth 614. If traveling is not an option, we are of course happy to chat virtually.   

Last week we discussed the track and trace options of cadis. Today, we would like to illustrate reason no. 4 to talk to our colleagues at the booth: Cross Dock Control – Better utilization of dock gates and increased productivity of warehouse staff!
Cross-docking encompasses all depot transshipment processes (incoming goods, outgoing goods, and inventory). During cross-docking, the goods or shipments delivered to a distribution center are transferred directly to the outgoing goods area after unloading and thus eliminate the need for storage and retrieval processes. Time is crucial and the need for efficient unloading, sorting, and transport processes within the depot are inevitable.

With cadisTH, you can considerably increase the efficiency of your staff and the documentation of those processes. Intuitively implementable automation processes result in a lower error rate and more clarity at the depot. Loading lists can be generated dynamically and include the order of the loading sequence. Several people can work at the same time during loading and unloading and thus accelerate your processes. Mobile devices allow smoother communication.

We have prepared a use case for you to give you a more practical overview and our team is happy to discuss your individual challenges in detail!

For more info, please visit us at IntraLogisteX Exhibition at booth 614 or contact us for a presentation.