A significant reduction of route costs - and a simultaneous increase in punctuality and revenues?

6 reasons to visit KRATZER AUTOMATION at IntralogisteX

That may sound like wishful thinking, but you can take our word for it: it is not!

Intelligently applied route optimisation is suitable both for daily business with fluctuating transport volumes and for fixed delivery areas with predefined routes. cadis – the operational TMS will not only improve vehicle utilisation, reduce empty runs and make room for more orders – cadis will also make life easier for your drivers and dispatchers! Automated processes, smooth planning, and improved address quality will result in a stress-free workday. And features like delivery notifications and value-added services will take your service offering to the next level.

cadisroute optimisation is powered by the intelligent calculation engine of PTV Group – our reliable partner since 2006 providing software solutions and consulting services to empower mobility and transport for a cleaner and smarter future. Customers in over 120 countries rely on PTV best-in-class software for intelligent traffic management and transport optimisation.

For more info, please visit us at IntraLogisteX Exhibition at booth 614, contact us for a presentation.