A few questions about the experiences during the master’s thesis at KRATZER AUTOMATION

Congratulations, Fabian!

Congratulations, Fabian!

Fabian has been writing his master's thesis here with us for the past six months. Corona showed us that 99% of all tasks can also take place via the mobile office - and still lead to a very positive result!
We asked him about his experiences here with us.

KA: Hi Fabian, you made it - congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What made you choose KRATZER AUTOMATION for your master’s thesis?

FS: I completed my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Landshut University of Applied Sciences and wrote my bachelor's thesis at BMW in Munich. By July, I will have completed my master's degree in "Systems Engineering" at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

Since I wrote my bachelor's thesis in a corporate group, I was interested in the differences in tasks, challenges, and perspectives compared to a medium-sized company. The topic of the master thesis sounded very promising as well as challenging to me: To work with an expanding industrial company in its restructuring? Extremely exciting!

KA: Can you give us a little insight into your master's thesis?
FS: The topic is "Optimization of requirements management in an industrial company". The requirement was that the optimization should extend from the product portfolio to the product handover. First, I analyzed the status quo in the company. Where are the strengths and where do we need to make adjustments? The next step was to develop the concept. Together with the stakeholders, I defined the company's target criteria, we prioritized optimization approaches and then decided which of these approaches and solutions should be tackled. These were then implemented and finally validated against the pre-defined target criteria.

KA: Would you recommend a thesis at KA to other students? What was your experience here with us?
FS: I particularly liked the continuous support of the stakeholders despite the heavy workload, the support with a "hands-on" mentality and consistently great support from the entire team. Throughout the company, I have experienced a great acceptance and willingness to help. Yes, I would absolutely recommend a thesis at KRATZER AUTOMATION.

KA: What's next for you now?
FS: I am going to enjoy the summer for a while and maybe take advantage of my newly regained freedom to travel, but from the autumn onwards, I will be a permanent part of the KRATZER AUTOMATION team working as a "Requirement Engineer". I am looking forward to continuing the topics of my master's thesis here in the company.

KA: Thank you very much, Fabian!

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