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DrvHIL series – Traction Inverter Test Benches with E-Motor Emulator

The development and quality protection for electric-powered vehicles require comprehensive tests of each component including energy storage, traction-inverter, and the electric motor.

Make testing as easy as a walk in the park!

Test bench automation at its best!

KRATZER AUTOMATION supports TÜV Rheinland ACT GmbH with 13 VES4.1-c battery testers.

We are excited to provide 13 VES4.1-c battery simulators for TÜV Rheinland Mobility's state-of-the-art Battery Test Center opening in Q1 2022! The lab offers electrical, mechanical, environmental, abuse, and...

Stay ahead of the game with testXplorer

The testXplorer suite makes sure that you and your team keep the overview of your test orders. During the testing process, huge amounts of files and data are being accumulated. Keeping a precise overview helps you...

Single cell tester

KRATZERAUTOMATION’s single-cell testers are specifically designed for testing individual battery cells. A common line voltage inverter supplies a range of 19” battery test slots which can be combined flexibly. ...

Powertrain test benches

High requirements on the different powertrain topologies result in a high overhead for development and testing.

We are expanding in Silverstone!

If you are a project manager, service and/or commissioning engineer, then come and join our team!

Power efficiency during battery testing

Did you know that you can save up to 30-40% of the network supply with our test systems?

牛年大吉 Niú nián dà jí - Happy New Year of the Ox!

The year of the ox is said to be a happy year, which is perfect to focus on relationships.

Accurate battery test systems by KRATZER AUTOMATION

Did you know that our battery test systems are so accurate that one can see the influence of the current consumption of the sense voltage - and that our systems have to compensate for this accuracy?