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Logistics in crisis mode: industry puts procurement to the test

At mid-year, the economy is in a severe crisis. According to KRATZER AUTOMATION, the logistics sector has been affected by this primarily due to a change in the demand situation. While CEP services are experiencing a boom, freight transport is under pressure.

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG: New Location in Silverstone, United Kingdom

Presence strengthened at strategically important location

KRATZER AUTOMATION presents logistics trends for 2020

International transportation, more automation, connection between intralogistics and transport, influence of industrial and commercial companies

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG: Variable Venturi VTflX - current developments

The VTflX is a high-precision measuring device for measuring the compressor intake air-flow of the turbocharger on hot gas test benches. KRATZER AUTOMATION has now revised and improved the component and opened it for further applications, for example on fuel cell test benches.

KRATZER AUTOMATION presents further development of its vehicle energy system VES4-c

The proven vehicle energy system for battery simulation and battery test VES4-c now comes with essential new features such as increased rated current, increased overload capability and an EtherCAT interface with extended functions. The new device thus offers users extended test ranges and improved integration into measurement and automation systems.

Digital mapping of the entire transport chain

What happens to a package when it leaves the warehouse?

Test benches and test bench automation from a single source

Discover our range of test bench solutions!

Open day at, CSTB Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment in Nantes

KRATZER AUTOMATION installed a new climatic chassis dynamometer within the climatic windtunnel