19. Stuttgart International Symposium

19 – 20 March 2019

19. Stuttgart International Symposium

Stuttgart International Symposium
Automotive and Engine Technology



With a contribution by KRATZER AUTOMATION on the topic:
Chances of the digitalization in the test field for operations and product development.

That's what our presentation is about:
Today, digitization and modern IoT devices make it possible more than ever to transparently control and optimize processes in the test field. This helps to achieve substantially higher utilization, shorter setup times and significantly reduced error rates. In addition, modern, digital processes in the test field ensure complete traceability of all process steps and enable safe and efficient storage and evaluation of measurement data. Corresponding time and cost effects ensure faster amortization of test fields. On the product side, this has a noticeable effect on time-to-market and sustainably improves quality assurance in the implementation of requirements. The collected data and its structured, central storage form the basis for the use of big data and machine learning technologies. In the context of this lecture proven and innovative realization approaches are shown, as well as already realized project examples. Participants will be shown the theoretical potential of digital transformation and its application by means of practical problems.

March 20 2019 09:00 h