Transport Management Software in the airfreight sector

KRATZER AUTOMATION brings cadis – the operational TMS into market for the first time in the airfreight processing sector


Munich, June 2012. cadis – the operational TMS has gained the upper hand against its competitors for the first time in the airfreight sector. The operational performance of cadis allows airfreight companies to process the pre carriage and the post carriage from/to the airfreight depots by road (“ground shipping”).



Axel Lechler, Senior Key Account Manager at KRATZER AUTOMATION says: “With the operational deployment and the cadis logistics modules, we are able to represent completely the routes/itineraries of our customers from/to the airfreight depots. High-value, precious or urgent shipments (with fixed deadlines) can be tracked at any time via shipment tracking functionality in real-time and their status can be displayed and documented. “


By using cadis, freight forwarders deploy an operational TMS which meets the requirements of being rapid, up-to-date and easy to use within airfreight. The easy to use and attractive interface of cadis allows dispatchers (schedulers) to assign shipments to freight forwarders almost in real time. At any time, the freight forwarder can continuously inform its customers about the status and the delivery of the shipments from/to the airfreight depot.



Automated processes
During the scanning process, the software captures information concerning the pickup and delivery orders with a professional and robust mobile device. Information entry of the airfreight shipments can occur alternatively via Smartphone scanning. The cadisAPP is available for this purpose. This enhancement due to the use of Smartphone’s, offers greater flexibility to freight forwarders and is a cost-effective alternative to the mobile device in particular in the case of a small quantity of shipments
The easy to use interface of cadis allows drivers and dispatchers to assign at any time received shipments immediately to the corresponding airfreight depot or destination almost in real-time.
Due to different international operational procedures, the freight forwarders work with paper receipts (route manifests) rather than with electronic documentation .The capture of accounting data and its export allows for the easy connection to external accounting systems.

Integrated control mechanisms process an ongoing update of the pickup scanning and the delivery scanning thus avoiding shipments or loading equipment remaining in the airfreight centre, that they are misrouted or not picked up (collected). Moreover, the continuous documentation ensures the tracking of every shipment which adheres to company standards and is measured against key target performance indicators across the transport supply chain. With the enhancement of the Photo documentation module, damages caused during the transport and any discrepancies (problems) can be documented and directly transferred to the dispatcher and supervisors to be subsequently processed.




KRATZER AUTOMATION was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Kratzer and Paul Balz as Gerhard Kratzer GmbH Automatisierungstechnik München. From the outset, the company focused on creating industrial, process-related software. Projects in the company’s early years addressed a wide range of industries: in addition to developing the software for Ruhrgas’ operations control centre in Essen, the company was also commissioned to automate engine test benches for SHELL and BMW Motorsport and supported the ADAC in controlling its breakdown service fleet through the use of mobile data communications.


Since the mid-1980s, the company began developing software tools for various applications, for example for capturing and storing measurements and displaying them in diagrams. Early in the 1990s, KRATZER AUTOMATION was transformed from a pure software company to a general contractor offering an end-to-end service. In 1999, the company was converted into a stock corporation.


For more than 32 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been a successful software company for process-oriented solutions in the automotive, electronic manufacturing and the transport industries. In all three sectors, we strive for optimal solutions and efficient processes along the customer value chain.


KRATZER AUTOMATION proposes cadis, a Transport Management System (TMS) to optimise the planning, the execution and the analysis of all operational work processes for the distribution of goods for freight forwarders. Shipment tracking and optimization of working processes are two central components.


The workforce increased continuously to its current level of around 200 employees who work at eight locations worldwide both in Europe and Asia. In addition to its headquarters in Munich, KRATZER AUTOMATION has branch offices in Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, as well as subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Czech Republic and China. 


The following organisations are customers of Kratzer Automation: BMW, Bosch, Geodis CIBLEX, Daimler, DB Schenker, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistik, Liebherr, MAN, MTU, Porsche, Austrian Post, Siemens, TNT, Umicore, VW and Zollner.


In its Test Systems division, KRATZER AUTOMATION plans and implements test systems for the automotive industry, for example for engines, turbochargers and gear chains. In particular, the company focuses on developing test benches for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly drive concepts.



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