Three million for the third generation

24plus invests more than three million Euro in new scanner generation



Munich, May 2011. The details have been clarified, the contracts are signed and sealed, the implementation can begin: 24plus gave the starting shot for an IT investment project worth three million Euro: more than 1,000 mobile devices will be purchased network-wide. Thanks to the new generation of mobile devices, 24plus can process geodata for every shipment specifically. Additionally, the mobile devices solution is the basis of a new container management system. On this project, Deutsche Telekom AG is the general contractor, while the technical realisation is assumed by KRATZER AUTOMATION AG from Unterschleissheim. Live operation is going to start in the second half of 2011.


The new mobile devices by Motorola are capable of determining geodata and continuously transmitting them via the cadisTRANSPORT TMS to the 24plus database. In combination with shipment and package data, this means that the geodata of every scanned package is known and customers can be informed about the whereabouts of their shipment almost in real-time. “The third generation mobile devices open up a whole new level of providing information“, explains Peter Baumann, head of 24plus. Every customer can individually specify in what way he wants to be informed: at each new status update or, for instance, when the shipment is 10 kilometres from the delivery location. “With this – keyword controlling critical supply chains – precise predictions as to when a delivery vehicle is going to reach the recipient can be made”, says Peter Baumann.


No one-way communication: The new scanners in combination with the cadisTRANSPORT TMS software suite not only transmit information to the central 24plus database, they are also a receiving medium and supply the drivers of the system partners with special information. The devices are configured so that in the way of an if-then principle, clear instructions appear on the display as to what the next step of the driver looks like. Furthermore, with the help of the new mobile device software, orders with specific features can be highlighted, such as delivery to a specific floor or person. In collections, transmitting special information plays an important role as well: By means of the current GPS position of the delivery vehicle, a new, near-by collection order can be submitted to the driver’s mobile device display at short notice – along with a route planner if needed.


Intelligent container management: The new mobile device solution also enables the operation of a new container management system, which the headquarters developed together with Euro-Log and KRATZER AUTOMATION. The solution’s goal is to follow containers along the supply chain and be able to provide information about the transport containers at all times. “We not only count stationary containers in the warehouse”, says Peter Baumann. “Rather, we know which containers are in our network, who they belong to, where they come from and where they are supposed to go, whether they are empty or full and what the current condition of the container is. Only this information detail and the dynamic tracking of the containers make an active container management possible.”


Mobile hardware and data network: In order to smoothly master these challenges, the new mobile devices are equipped with a high-capacity battery, a sufficiently large processor and the cadisTRANSPORT TMS software suite. Moreover, the devices have a high-resolution camera to document damages. The data transmission is secured and encrypted via MPLS-VPN, which the general contractor Deutsche Telekom AG makes available.
“Since acquiring our second generation in 2006, the IT world has changed immensely”, explains Peter Baumann. “With the new mobile device generation and the corresponding complete solution, 24plus is back at the top of information logistics.”




For more than 30 years, the software house KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-enhancing solutions for the automobile industry, electronics manufacturers and the transport sector.


cadisTRANSPORT by KRATZER AUTOMATION is a logistics solution designed to enhance logistics automation by optimising the operative work processes involved in the collection and delivery of freight goods. The modular software suite cadisTRANSPORT TMS enables specific solutions for mobile devices and databases along the complete delivery chain.


The KRATZER AUTOMATION Test Systems division plans and implements test systems for automobile developers, primarily for use with engines, turbo chargers and gear units. The company focuses on the development of test benches for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


KRATZER AUTOMATION employs more than 200 people at its sites at Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. The company also maintains international subsidiaries in United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, and China.


The company’s customers include such organisations as BMW, MAN, Daimler, Porsche, VW, Siemens, Zollner, TQ Systems, Paragon, ADAC, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistics, 24Plus, Schenker and TNT.





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