Österreichische Post commences roll-out of parcel pick-up stations with cadis

Innovative logistics solution for “last mile” of parcel delivery


Munich, Vienna, December 2013. KRATZER AUTOMATION supports with the operational TMS cadis a brand new self-service solution for Österreichische Post (Austrian Post): In Vienna, a new parcel pick-up station has been launched this week. Due to this new service offered by Österreichische Post, the customer has the possibility to pick-up parcels 24/7. The deliverers of Österreichische Post use a special version of cadis, the operational TMS for this new service. 


Österreichische Post continues to develop the range of self-service offers for its customers. The first parcel pick-up station for parcel shipments has now been made available at a post office in Vienna. It is now possible for customers of Österreichische Post to pick-up parcels which could not be delivered personally in 24/7. By the end of 2014, Österreichische Post will roll out the service nationwide to approximately 100 post offices equipped with parcel pick-up stations.


By offering a customized software solution, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been able to provide the technical implementation of the new service in a quick and efficient way based on cadis – the operational TMS – which is used by Österreichische Post since 2007. About 1,200 parcel deliverers in Austria presently use cadis on their mobile devices while processing all operational processes during pick-up and delivery transactions, from the loading of parcels through to the payment procedure used during a cash on delivery order. 


In case of not encountering a recipient, the deliverer now optionally can offer depositing of parcels in nearby parcel pick-up stations. For that purpose, the deliverer books an empty pick-up box online on his mobile scanner and informs the customer by means of a delivery/pick-up notice with imprinted shipment code. The deliverer deposits the parcel(s) in the previously booked pick-up box at the pick-up station. By entering the shipment code, the recipient is enabled to access the pick-up box and to obtain the parcel(s).


During the implementation of the new process, intuitive handling for both the deliverers and recipients was the main focus. The deliverer conveniently checks the availability of empty pick-up boxes at the pick-up station and selects the suitable size for the parcel via a mobile device. The complete communication between cadis and the software system of the parcel pick-up station is performed in real time via webservices. The specialist teams of KRATZER AUTOMATION and Österreichische Post jointly developed the required interface.


“During the whole process, the cooperation with KRATZER AUTOMATION was absolutely winsome", says Martin Brückler, Head of the Operational IT & Technical Systems department at Österreichische Post. “Our expert teams have been working for more than six years in close collaboration in different projects and have managed the technical requirements for the successful start of the parcel pick-up station service in a complementary and experienced way. With the introduction of this innovative solution we have increased our service quality and will now offer our customers further attractive options based on our self-service campaign.”



About Österreichische Post

Österreichische Post is the leading logistics and parcel service provider in Austria. Its main business activities include the transport and delivery of letters, direct mail items, print media and parcels. The branch network of Österreichische Post ranks among the largest private customer networks in the country offering high-quality postal, banking and telecommunications products and services to its customers throughout Austria. The company focuses in particular on safeguarding the nation’s communication and logistics infrastructure based on its nationwide and reliable supply of high quality postal services on behalf of the Austrian population and economy.  Moreover, Österreichische Post  also holds thirteen subsidiaries in Europe, particularly in the parcel and logistics segment as well as in bulk mail items.




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