Kratzer Automation strengthens its commitment in the UK

Kratzer Automation AG, a leading provider of operational transport management software (TMS) and test systems for the automotive industry, strengthens its commitment in the UK market. The company has had offices in the UK since 2010 and soon after establishing itself acquired Arla Foods as its first customer. With the recent acquisition of Hofmann TeSys Ltd., the company has now further strengthened its involvement in the UK market.

"With the acquisition of Hofmann TeSys Ltd. in Worcester, we are sending a strong signal for our long-term commitment in the uk". Says Sibylle Pessall, CEO of KRATZER AUTMATION AG. "Regardless of the political developments, current studies show that the interaction between the European mainland and the UK will continue to be of great importance in the coming years". Pessall continues.

This is particularly true for the field of logistics automation: the study "Top 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services" by the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS, for example, illustrates that the British market is among the top 5 in Europe.

With 3.2 billion parcels in 2017, the UK is Europe's second largest parcel market after Germany, (3.4 billion parcels) followed by France by a clear margin (1.2 billion consignments). This is shown in the third "Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index", which annually evaluates parcel shipments in 13 countries.

"The UK is one of the most important logistics locations in Europe. In order to meet the requirements of their customers, logistics service providers have, been expanding and establishing new logistics centres in recent years. With our expertise together with our range of software solutions, we want to provide even greater support to Logistics organisations in optimizing operational processes in the future," says David Burder, Country Manager United Kingdom (UK) at Kratzer Automation AG.

cadis, the Transport Management System (TMS) from Kratzer Automation, provides the basis for transport companies to be successful and grow even in highly competitive markets such as the UK.



For more than 35 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying software solutions geared toward use in processes for the international automotive industry and the transportation sector in Europe. KRATZER AUTOMATION has more than 370 employees and maintains sites in Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel, and Wolfsburg. The company is active internationally through its own affiliates in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

In the test systems business segment, KRATZER AUTOMATION plans, realizes, and modernizes test systems for engines, turbochargers, transmissions, and further drive components. The company focuses in particular on test systems for energy-saving, ecofriendly drive concepts, with special attention to the specific requirements that apply to hybrid or electric drives, battery and fuel cell technology in automotive development.

The company demonstrates its social responsibility in a variety of ways, concentrating especially on providing support for youth both locally and beyond the region. KRATZER AUTOMATION also sponsors an art award in recognition of disabled artists, which has been granted annually since 2012.


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