KRATZER AUTOMATION presents logistics trends for 2020

International transportation, more automation, connection between intralogistics and transport, influence of industrial and commercial companies

In 2020, KRATZER AUTOMATION estimates that intelligent and smart processes in logistics will increasingly come to the fore. This is accompanied by an increasing convergence of intralogistics and transport logistics, according to the leading provider of Transport Management Software (TMS). Franz Renger, logistics expert at KRATZER AUTOMATION, believes that companies should be aware of the following five logistics trends in 2020.

Intelligent logistics and smart processes

With increasing automation and further investments in artificial intelligence (AI), logistics will become smarter and more intelligent by 2020. The networking of all processes in the transport chain plays a particularly important role. This provides the basis for complete transparency and for the joining together of all the separate elements in the transport chain. In the coming year, the real and virtual worlds will grow even closer together - enabling logistics companies to handle their transportation faster and more resource-efficiently than ever before. Customers can keep track of where their shipments are and when they are expected to arrive.

Data analysis allows process optimization

Data analyses provide insights into logistics processes and reveal optimization potential. Structured data - Smart Data - provide answers to clearly defined questions. In principle, all data on events that have an influence on logistics chains can be valuable. From this follows: More data is collected and automatic evaluations are made possible. By 2020, all logistics providers should have a concept for evaluating and evaluating data and thus making it more efficient and customer-friendly. 

Transport control in an international environment

More and more cross-border shipments have to be handled in an international environment. There is a risk of frictional losses, especially at transshipment points and depots. In 2020, it will be crucial to handle processes across networks and depots with minimum effort and a high degree of automation. In order to achieve greater efficiency, especially with cross docking, dispatchers need an overview of transport connections across all nodes so that they can intelligently control the forwarding of consignments. 

Merger between intralogistics and transport logistics

The convergence of intralogistics and transport logistics will gain further momentum in 2020. In order to establish new interfaces, cooperation between technology providers is particularly in demand. The added value for logistics providers: They record and control all processes from a single source - from the warehouse through the yard and the road to the last mile. 

Insourcing for industrial and commercial companies

In 2020, industrial and commercial companies will have an increasing influence on transport logistics - and will often manage this area themselves. The trend towards the insourcing of certain processes is particularly noticeable in the pre- and post-carriage stages. Service providers are controlled directly by the client. The associated goal in many cases: Quality promises should be fulfilled even better. In some cases, companies even handle the logistics themselves. In order to be able to cope with the additional effort, they need appropriate technologies in addition to human resources.



For more than 35 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying software solutions geared toward use in processes for the international automotive industry and the transportation sector in Europe. KRATZER AUTOMATION has more than 370 employees and maintains sites in Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel, and Wolfsburg. The company is active internationally through its own affiliates in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

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