KRATZER AUTOMATION presents further development of its vehicle energy system VES4-c

The proven vehicle energy system for battery simulation and battery test VES4-c now comes with essential new features such as increased rated current, increased overload capability and an EtherCAT interface with extended functions. The new device thus offers users extended test ranges and improved integration into measurement and automation systems.

The vehicle energy systems VES4 from KRATZER AUTOMATION are highly dynamic, regenerative DC voltage sources for testing batteries and electrical components (e.g. fuel cells). In addition, the compact devices are used to simulate batteries and other electrical storage devices.

With the newly developed VES4.1-c device, the maximum current has been increased to 1000 amperes and at the same time the overload capacity has been increased from 16 to 20 percent. This means that a maximum electrical output of up to 300 kW with unchanged compact dimensions of the device is now available for testing in the overload range of electric vehicle drives.

The EtherCAT interface for communication with measurement and automation systems has been comprehensively expanded. Standard EtherCAT configuration tools provide a wide range of configuration and diagnostic options via the EtherCAT CoE object directory of the slave. Since the setpoints and actual values are transmitted as floating point numbers, scaling of these variables is no longer necessary.

The transmission frequency has also been increased. Up to 5 kHz are available for continuous operation. The burst mode with 10 kHz enables an even faster transmission of measured values. Since parameters from battery models and control algorithms integrated in the device are also updated at 500 Hz, models can now be quickly adapted to external events. The user can, for example, very elegantly implement battery models in which comparatively slow effects, such as temperature influences, are modelled in the automation system and the changed parameters are seamlessly transferred to the underlying fast battery substitution circuit diagram. This is calculated on the VES4.1-c at 40 kHz. The electrical processes are thus mapped very accurately and highly dynamically.

"With the new device VES4.1-c we offer our customers a higher utility value in daily test operation. In the future, we will also offer an upgrade of the EtherCAT interface of the VES4 systems to the new generation," said Dirk Stübener, Product Manager E-Mobility.



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