KRATZER AUTOMATION presents cadisTRANSPORT TMS – the modular Transport Management System

LogiMAT Exhibition, February 8-10, 2011: Hall 5, Stand 343



Munich, February 2011: With cadisTRANSPORT TMS, KRATZER AUTOMATION has become an established European player in the field of operative transport management systems and mobile systems and services for the transport and logistics industries. The company will be present at the LogiMAT 2011 exhibition in Stuttgart, where it will present its workflow and transparency optimisation solutions in Hall 5, Stand 343, in the commercial logistics section.


cadisTRANSPORT TMS is a software solution with which drivers and dispatchers can maintain a real-time overview of assured just-in-time agreements and their fulfilment rates, allowing them to instigate timely reactions within the assured delivery deadline.


All functions are geared towards enhancing the quality of service and utility to customers, saving costs, and creating significant benefits for both shippers and recipients.


Visit the LogiMAT in Stuttgart and experience realistic sample scenarios live, in the following application areas:

  • Wholesale supply: once the route has been optimised, the recipient is informed as to the expected delivery time. Calculated delivery times are compared with the actual times using real-time vehicle location. This allows early identification of any deviations, in the event of which the customer is notified immediately. This reduces waiting times and optimises procedures at the factory gate.
  • Delivery service for electrical articles: while items are undergoing delivery, additional services can be performed and exchanges involving defective articles documented. Invoicing takes place immediately following real-time data transmission and signature placement.
  • Distribution of drugstore articles: The agreed delivery times are automatically confirmed at a predetermined time before the delivery vehicle arrives. Store personnel can then be made available at precisely the right time for transferring the goods to the shelves.
  • Plumbing installations: the navigation  module incorporated in the mobile terminal allows rapid location of construction site addresses.
  • Optical and pharmacy articles: the addresses contained in the delivery data are geocoded before the run commences and transmitted to the mobile terminal. Upon delivery, the calculated position is compared with the actual position and the accuracy of the address confirmed. This virtually excludes the possibility of falsely delivered articles.

Process automation and the value benefits resulting from the use of electronic delivery management are further enhanced by the system’s customisable and flexible modification options and integration capability within existing logistics business solutions.

Numerous references and areas of application under tough everyday conditions are ample proof of the cadisTRANSPORT TMS system’s powerful performance.

Deployment of the operative Transport Management System by KRATZER AUTOMATION improves the quality and punctuality of delivery, provides timely information regarding impending deviations – thereby increasing the efficiency of transport administration and all subsequent processes – and helps to create a decisive lead against the competition. The software’s modular structure allows customers to modify the system in line with requirements, thus creating a customised solution.

There are many good reasons for using cadisTRANSPORT TMS:

  • Fleet efficiency: Improves the capacity of fleet vehicles in use.
  • Cost savings: Enhances your routes, minimises mileage and improves your environmental performance.
  • Time savings: Optimises route planning and goods handling.
  • Simpler administrative processes: Improves communication with customers, shippers and fleets with minimal administrative processes.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Defined workflows create uniform high quality and maximum customer satisfaction.


KRATZER AUTOMATION personally invites you to its press meetings at the KRATZER AUTOMATION exhibition stand (Hall 5, Stand 343). Axel Lechler from the logistics automation sales department will be on hand for interviews on logistics solutions themes relating to trends and challenges in the transport logistics industry. To arrange a meeting, please call Jens Isenbeck on 089/32152-521, or mail him at:





For more than 25 years, the software house KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-enhancing solutions for the automobile industry, electronics manufacturers and the transport sector.


cadisTRANSPORT by KRATZER AUTOMATION is a logistics solution designed to enhance logistics automation by optimising the operative work processes involved in the collection and delivery of freight goods.

The KRATZER AUTOMATION Test Systems division plans and implements test systems for automobile developers, primarily for use with engines, turbo chargers and gear units. The company focuses on the development of test benches for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


For the electronics industry, KRATZER AUTOMATION offers intraFACTORY®, a scalable software suite which enhances the efficiency of the order process, reduces material input, and monitors and documents products and production processes. A further specialist area is the development of machine-based software for use in complex automation facilities in electronics production.


KRATZER AUTOMATION employs more than 200 people at its sites at Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. The company also maintains international subsidiaries in United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, and China.

The company’s customers include such organisations as BMW, MAN, Daimler, Porsche, VW, Siemens, Zollner, TQ Systems, Paragon, ADAC, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistics, 24Plus, Schenker and TNT.



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