KRATZER AUTOMATION is present again this year at the transport logistic in Munich

More efficiency and transparency for operational transport management


KRATZER AUTOMATION will participate again for 2015 at one of the most important exhibitions for transport logistics in Europe: At the international transport & logistics exhibition 2015 in Munich (from 5th-8th Mai 2015) the company will present enhanced functionality and new opportunities that can be addressed with cadis, the operational TMS. KRATZER AUTOMATION solutions fulfill all current requirements which transport service providers, commercial enterprises and leaders from the industry sector are facing today.


Our team of consultants will be there to advise visitors about the different range of new functionality within cadis and demonstrate using practical examples the technical performance of cadis at our stand (B2.219/320). The consultants from the Logistics Automation division show how cadis can support companies by increasing the efficiency of processes and activities across the supply chain.


Cost reduction through route optimization

Route optimization is the central theme for all companies that are involved in the supply chain. Current studies have shown that a company using optimized route management can achieve significant productivity gains of up to 10%. At the same time, running fleet costs can be reduced by up to 20% if route optimization is used for all vehicles across the fleet.

For companies that remain undecided in this area, KRATZER AUTOMATION now offers two different solutions. For customers with fixed and regular routes, KRATZER AUTOMATION will undertake a consultancy service which will determine possible saving potential and will then generate within cadis an optimized route planning schedule. The planning will be regularly checked. In this scenario, installation of software for ongoing optimization is not required. For customers that are planning their routes on a daily basis, KRATZER AUTOMATION calculates the potential savings using continuous daily route optimization and provides a fully integrated route planning solution to achieve this.


Comprehensive solutions for the transport, retail and manufacturing sectors

KRATZER AUTOMATION offers especially for freight carrier’s enhanced functionality for seamless integrated transport planning. With cadis, parcel, postal and transport service providers are now able to integrate diverse and important information received from depot, hub and vehicles in the planning process; they also can clarify different contexts with real-time messages and react rapidly if unpredictable events occur. This continuous transparency simplifies considerably issues around resource management and fleet planning and supports dispatchers in making the right decisions at the right time. cadis optimizes different transport options based on defined dispatching rules and individual preferences and will also combine during the planning process several types of transport modes e.g. courier trips, partial and complete loads in order to provide an optimal inter depot fleet capacity utilization plan.


Value added services for commercial companies

KRATZER AUTOMATION shows how commercial companies can realize value added service with cadis during the delivery process. The operational TMS offers users from the retail sector the opportunity, for example, to combine the delivery of goods with different work processes e.g. installation, implementation/operation, or packaging waste management collection. Dispatchers see automatically which competences, materials and tools are required for each order and can consider all these parameters for both staff and route planning. The driver receives on his mobile device precise instructions, is guided step by step through the working process and confirms online once all tasks have been duly completed.

Furthermore, cadis supports further value added services e.g. photo documentation of damaged goods, online temperature monitoring or the transmission of precise times of arrival to consignees. KRATZER AUTOMATION helps commercial companies to increase customer satisfaction and to ensure competitive advantages in the market.


cadis supports customers in manufacturing for inbound and outbound logistics

With brand-new solutions, KRATZER AUTOMATION also addresses in particular companies within the manufacturing sector that do not possess their own fleet e.g. companies from the automotive and production industries. They work in collaboration with numerous different transport service providers but their data is rarely integrated in the internal processes and IT systems of their partners.
Manufacturing customers can thus use cadis as a central transport management platform in order to simplify the exchange of data with transport service providers regardless of the varied order management and communication systems they may encounter. An example of this type of functionality can be seen by the use of the cadis arrival boards within the inbound logistics process: cadis centralizes current tracking information from vehicles of transport service providers and transmits to the shipper (customer) a complete and transparent overview of the progress of all live deliveries. With this solution, the manufacturer is able to organize its unloading processes more efficiently. If delays occur, he can react proactively in order to reduce waiting times.

By doing this, cadis also contributes to process optimization within the outbound logistics of manufacturing customers. An integrated Rules Engine helps the shipper to select easily and rapidly the appropriate service provider for each order. Individual rules are stored within the system, for example, for dangerous goods, refrigerated or suspended orders and express deliveries. These parameters will be automatically considered when selecting an appropriate service provider.


Individual configurable shipment tracking

For tracking shipment orders cadis also offers solutions that can be configured individually: Manufacturing customers have the opportunity to import tracking information from their service providers via EDI directly into the own environment. Subcontractors can capture current delivery information via a web app or a cadis app available on their mobile devices. The consignor receives on a graphical display a complete overview of all current transport orders which are represented on a map. Based on a color code, dispatchers see delays related to orders in their region (relevant area) and can react if an intervention is required.


Online temperature monitoring and documentation
KRATZER AUTOMATION will also present the following new functionality within cadis – the operational TMS: A new solution for continuous temperature monitoring of shipments in real time. With sensors located within the vehicle or directly within the vehicle trailer, customers are now able to monitor the current temperature status of all their shipments at any time and make the date available online. By using this solution it is now possible to provide proof that the cold chain has seamlessly been monitored throughout the entire transport process.

cadis – the operational TMS – collects the information from all sensors and makes it available for drivers and dispatchers. The status of different refrigerated vehicles can be tracked at a glance and the different temperature zones within a vehicle can be monitored in a targeted way. The seamless recording of temperature variations allows the user to monitor the cool chain but the real-time data also permits a rapid reaction response time in case of technical incidents. If the temperature of a shipment reaches a critical level an alert can be proactively triggered. Corrective measures can thus be taken in time in order to avoid the loss of shipments.

The solution ensures that one single transport information system manages the temperature data, shipment information and customer data in real time avoiding the time consuming task of synchronizing data from different sources. The data is transmitted in real time via only one radio connection – which saves the company operating the solution additional telecommunication costs. During the delivery of goods, the customer can see immediately on the mobile device if the cool chain has been adhered to during the transportation process.


New trends in the transport sector: Mobility, Green Logistics and Business Intelligence

cadis is now available for use on tablets, smartphones and depot devices.
KRATZER AUTOMATION will present live a large range of new technologies. Visitors can view the operation of cadis mobile functions which will be made available on different mobile devices e.g. smartphones, scanners and tablets. KRATZER AUTOMATION works very closely with leading hardware manufacturers e.g. Zebra, Casio and Honeywell and is immediately informed about the new development (prototypes) of the brand. The cadis user interface and the functionality for the end user will be permanently adapted to the features of newest devices.


Software and hardware from one source

Customers can gain great benefit from software and hardware solutions from one source provided by KRATZER AUTOMATION. As a manufacturer and general contractor, KRATZER AUTOMATION is in charge of the remote maintenance, software and hardware maintenance and procurement of replacement devices together with a broad range of customized services (value added services).


Telematics – integrated in the operational TMS

Telematics will be one of the central themes of the exhibition. The logistics consultants of KRATZER AUTOMATION will show how companies can reduce considerably fuel consumption through a detailed evaluation of vehicle data. cadis offers the opportunity to extract directly signals from CAN bus, GPS data and other information from the vehicles of other manufacturers in order to analyze them. Companies can thus take specific proactive measures to promote green logistics e.g. route optimization or bonus system by awarding the driver with the most fuel-efficient driving style.


Business Intelligence

cadis allows the combination of telematics data and other relevant information in order to determine key performance indicators (KPI). cadisBI, the web-based Business Intelligence app from KRATZER AUTOMATION offers logistics managers and operators a global overview of operational trends and KPI’s together with current delivery rates for each area (region) or depot.




KRATZER AUTOMATION was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Kratzer and Paul Balz as Gerhard Kratzer GmbH Automatisierungstechnik München. From the outset, the company focused on creating industrial, process-related software. Projects in the company’s early years addressed a wide range of industries: in addition to developing the software for Ruhrgas’ operations control center in Essen, the company was also commissioned to automate engine test benches for SHELL and BMW Motorsport and supported the ADAC in controlling its breakdown service fleet through the use of mobile data communications.


Since the mid-1980s, the company began developing software tools for various applications, for example for capturing and storing measurements and displaying them in diagrams. Early in the 1990s, KRATZER AUTOMATION was transformed from a pure software company to a general contractor offering an end-to-end service. In 1999, the company was converted into a stock corporation.

For more than 33 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been a successful software company for process-oriented solutions in the automotive, electronic manufacturing and the transport industries. In all three sectors, we strive for optimal solutions and efficient processes along the customer value chain.


The workforce increased continuously to its current level of around 300 employees who work at eight locations worldwide both in Europe and Asia. In addition to its headquarters in Munich, KRATZER AUTOMATION runs branch offices in Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, as well as subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Czech Republic and China.


The following organizations are customers of KRATZER AUTOMATION: BMW, Bosch, Geodis CIBLEX, Daimler, DB Schenker, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistik, Liebherr, MAN, MTU, Porsche, Austrian Post, TNT, Umicore, VW and Zollner.


In its Test Systems division, KRATZER AUTOMATION plans and implements test systems for the automotive industry, for example for engines, turbochargers and gear chains. In particular, the company focuses on developing test benches for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


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