KRATZER AUTOMATION enables automated temperature control for pharmaceutical transports

  • New cadis module arrives just in time for distribution of the corona vaccine
  • Monitoring based on logger data is the basis for complete documentation
  • Compliance to HACCP and GDP guidelines is guaranteed

Good news for logistics companies that carry out refrigerated transport: In the future, it will be much easier to comply with the statutory requirements for documenting temperature-sensitive goods. The basis for this is a new function package from cadis, the Transport Management Software (TMS) from KRATZER AUTOMATION AG. With this new tracking tool, the international technology provider enables its customers a fully automated temperature control. This can for example support the upcoming distribution of the corona vaccine considerably.

With the new additional module from cadis, KRATZER AUTOMATION now enables automated temperature monitoring along the entire transport chain. This includes both vehicles and handling centers. A complete documentation is required for the transport of temperature sensitive goods according to the regulations of GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and parts of HACCP (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points).

"Proof of compliance with regulatory requirements in the field of pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs is mandatory, and is more in the focus than ever. Companies must be able to provide comprehensive reports on the progress and status of refrigerated transports at any time. With our new module for temperature monitoring, we are creating the basis for an efficient and economical procedure from which both logistics companies and their customers benefit. Especially in the context of the distribution of the Corona vaccines, where efficiency and speed are imminent, this is a highly valuable tool," says Franz Renger, logistics expert at KRATZER AUTOMATION AG.

Temperature control using sensors and loggers

Providers of refrigerated transport who rely on cadis in conjunction with the module "temperature control" can document the temperature throughout the entire transport chain without manual intervention. The basis for this is on the one hand the temperature data recorded by sensors in transhipment centers and vehicles, and on the other hand the continuous and consistent digital documentation of all transport processes. This means that all relevant data is available in real time, and reports to the client and recipient can be generated at the push of a button. The exact location and condition of the goods can be tracked at any time. In addition, all data can be visualized clearly with just a few clicks.

Highlights of the new cadis module

  • Automatic processing of all temperature data across the entire transport chain
  • Data availability in real time
  • Retrieve professional temperature reports in seconds
  • Integration of data from different sensors and different telematics providers
  • Problem-free connection of vehicle and hall data loggers
  • Process control through user guidance to prevent errors and data gaps



For more than 40 years KRATZER AUTOMATION AG has been providing process-oriented software solutions for the international automotive and transport industry in Europe. The company is represented with almost 500 employees at 10 German locations. KRATZER AUTOMATION is internationally active with its own companies in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic, the USA and China.

With cadis, KRATZER AUTOMATION delivers an intelligent software product for logistic processes in the business segment Logistics Automation: A transport management system for planning, execution and intelligent analysis of all operative work processes in freight transport. Every second of the leading 10 logistics companies in Europe relies on cadis. In the Test Systems business unit KRATZER AUTOMATION plans, realizes and modernizes test systems for engines, turbochargers, transmissions and other drive components with a focus on test systems for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


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