KRATZER AUTOMATION at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016

Test stand automation - PAtools TX Version 7.0 sets new standards

At the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016, KRATZER AUTOMATION will be showing the new version of PAtools TX for the first time. The test stand automation system for all test stand types contains more than 100 detail improvements compared with the previous version resulting from analyses of customer requirements. The heart of PAtools TX Version 7.0 is the completely newly developed PAcontroller that makes operation of the test stand considerably faster. Operators can compile “their” desired interfaces quickly and easily by drag & drop. A further highlight is the optimum support for different workstations from the simple notebook computer through to multi-4k monitor solutions.

The proven test stand automation system, PAtools TX, combines the comfort of the familiar Windows environment with the stability and performance of a real-time operating system. The test program runs on a stand-alone real-time computer, while operation and visualization run on a standard Windows® PC.

New features in Version 7.0

The main focus of the new Version 7.0 lies on the completely newly developed PAcontroller. In addition to a new and modern design, attention was also paid to an operating concept that allows quick and easy modifications to the interface at test run-time. The interface arrangement always adapts itself automatically so that the best possible use can be made of the available display area. Particular importance was attached here to the support of changing display environments so that the same application can always be optimally visualized e.g. on a 4k monitor on the test stand, on several monitors in the office or even on a single notebook with just one monitor.

All available visualization objects can be used as often as required. In principle, any number of display instruments of any type can be placed on the user interface. The only limitation is posed by the hardware used.

An update assistant allows the user interfaces from existing test definitions to be transferred to the new technology.

PAtools TX Version 7.0 contains a completely new interface between PAcontroller and the PAtools real-time system. It transmits large volumes of data with a far higher performance than to date, and is today already prepared for meeting future safety standards.
A new signal flow display available in Version 7.0 that was developed in conjunction with the new, selective-automatic anti-aliasing filters allows the signal flow, e.g. of a test parameter or channel, to be displayed graphically in detail so that the relationships between different PAtools elements can be analyzed even more easily.

With PAscript as uniform programming language, Version 7.0 has a powerful modern language with a wide range of comfort functions. The editor with IntelliSense functions fully integrated into PAconfigurator enables context-dependent help to be called up at any time.

The new EtherCAT HotConfig function allows EtherCAT configurations to be developed separately for each station, and hence independently of one another. The advantage compared with EtherCAT HotConnect here is that the complete bus configuration is only created generically at run-time and does not have to be known in advance. Test components enable completely unknown EtherCAT stations to be added at test run-time even in advance.

A large number of further detail improvements, such as a new documentation portal, an unlimited number of columns in the parameterization tables or a new service portal round out the version.

The Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart is open from 31 May until 2 June 2016 at the Neue Messe Stuttgart. Further highlights on the KRATZER AUTOMATION stand in Hall 1, Stand 1724, are:

  • VES3 - 48V: The universal and highly dynamic DC voltage source and heat sink developed specially for 48 V systems serves as a mobile battery simulator on the test stand or as a battery tester.
  • Double combustion changer exhaust turbocharger test stand:  The test stand combines two independently controlled combustion chambers, thus expanding the mass flow range available. On the other hand, this concept is ideally suited to testing twin-scroll turbochargers or for testing exhaust systems.
  • ACU highly dynamic air conditioning system: The system serves to condition the air at the intake to an internal combustion engine. Temperature, mass flow, pressure and optionally also the humidity are controlled highly dynamically. Charge systems are simulated by means of turbocharger characteristics.



For more than 35 years the software company KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-related solutions to the automotive industry and the transport sector.

In the Test Systems business unit, KRATZER AUTOMATION plans and produces test systems for automotive development, predominantly for engines, turbochargers and gearboxes. A major focus here is on test systems for energy-saving and eco-friendly drive concepts, such as hybrid or electric drives, and on systems for testing batteries and fuel cell technology

KRATZER AUTOMATION currently has a staff of approx. 300 employees at the sites in Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel and Wolfsburg. The company is internationally engaged with corporations in France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, China and the USA.


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