KRATZER AUTOMATION AG, together with ABB Automation GmbH, implements additional EMC test system for MOOSER EMC Technik GmbH for testing hybrid, fuel cells, and electric drives

EMV measurements for drives with up to 100kW of output.



Munich, Ludwigsburg in June 2011: Mooser EMC Technik has been operating an EMC test system, developed in conjunction with KRATZER AUTOMATION AG of Unterschleißheim, for alternative drive concepts.

With the development of alternative drives, especially hybrid and fully electric cars, come new requirements for electromagnetic compatibility of installed components. The electric motors, storage devices, and especially the power electronic systems, that are used in these vehicles result in greater levels of electromagnetic interference than with traditional vehicles.
In order to operate smoothly, the features installed on modern vehicles for comfort-, safety-, and communication equipment require a vehicle environment that is electromagnetically optimized and low in interference emissions.


To enable interference and disturbance sources on new drive concepts to be analyzed and then eliminated through appropriate measures, it is necessary that these concepts be analyzed, tested, and evaluated in specially designed test environments under conditions that approximate real conditions as closely as possible.


To address this need, KRATZER AUTOMATION, together with ABB Automation GmbH and Albatross Projects GmbH, has been implementing a test system since 2008 for Mooser EMC Technik GmbH that meets these requirements.


The increased demand and the requirements for EMC test resources now require the addition of a second test system for this location.


With the drive test system, it is possible both to calculate the interference emissions on drives and also to test the interference resistance to external electromagnetic interferences. In contrast to vehicle test systems where the drive components are already integrated in the vehicle and thus cannot be easily accessed, with the drive test system it is possible to test procedures undertaken to increase electromagnetic compatibility for their effectiveness following a measurement.


Through its longstanding collaboration with the companies EMC Technik, ABB Automation, and Albatross Projects, Kratzer Automation has supplied the DC voltage source, which is recovery-capable and based on the VES2 vehicle power system that is specially designed for battery simulation and battery testing, as well as the automation of the test system. The load unit and the specially designed mechanism for the EMC application were supplied by ABB Automation GmbH and the EMC test chamber was supplied by Albatross Projects.


"We were pleased to have another opportunity to implement the jointly developed test system concept. We also see this as a sign of trust in our test system solutions for electric vehicle drives", says Detlef Naundorf, Business Manager of Test Systems at Kratzer Automation.





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