FTL-LTL order processing with the smartphone (iPhone / Android)

The "smart" solution for your own vehicles, subcontractors and freight carriers on the spot market.


Munich, June 2011. The logistics software specialist KRATZER AUTOMATION now has a new module for its software suite cadisTRANSPORT TMS that allows the hardware-independent handling of shipping orders. Vehicles that have few stops on their scheduled services or long-distance traffic, subcontractors and freight carriers with a number of clients can profit from this new application for smartphones.



Forwarding agents with changing freight carriers can now use the cadisAPP to guarantee their freight documentation independent of the hardware.  Thanks to the cadisAPP, it is no longer necessary to equip every vehicle with special hardware which means in times of peak order volumes and when the subcontractors vary, there is no need to invest in additional hardware and their handling.


"The new cadisAPP means that cadisTRANSPORT TMS is able to use standard smartphones in long-distance traffic and in times of peak order volumes to offer flexible responses to changing freight carriers independent of the hardware. The function scope of the cadisAPP offers the client everything he requires to guarantee continuous and real-time capable order processing. The forwarding agent is therefore able to offer its customers the usual high standard of quality in the transport documentation despite using different freight carriers" said Adrian Banc, key account in the logistics automation field at KRATZER AUTOMATION.


The cadisAPP is available for both the Android operating system and also the iPhone operating system from Apple. Once the software has been downloaded from the App Store or Market Place, the transport order can be sent by the client to the freight carriers' smartphone and then activated.
The freight carriers receive all the data they need to handle and carry out the transport order.
The delivery address is transferred directly into the smartphone's navigation module, meaning that there is no need for separate GPS navigation and address input.
The client also has the option of tracking his shipment at any time and is always kept up-to-date via the real-time communication.
Modern freight handling and shipment documentation standards can also be applied within the cadisAPP.
Internal standards and shipment handling documentation are sent to the freight carriers once the order is accepted and can be used via the cadisAPP.


The dispatcher can communicate with the freight carrier at all times via the cadisAPP. Thanks to the electronic signature provided on delivery and, if necessary, the photo documentation of the supplied freight, the invoicing and final order handling stages can be completed promptly and the freight carrier can be given the next order at the same time.

The dispatchers also have the option of handling several freight carriers at the same time via the cadisAPP.
No extra server or Internet platforms are required to install this module.
The dispatcher handles the orders as usual via his own dispatching screen within the cadisTRANSPORT TMS system providing the freight carriers with the information they require in an easy fashion. Alternatively, KRATZER AUTOMATION also has a standardised interface for connecting its own TMS to the dispatch department.



cadisTRANSPORT, the operative TMS by the company KRATZER AUTOMATION, serves to automate, document and optimise the operative workflows and processes in the transport logistics field. 
cadisTRANSPORT TMS is modular and comprises a core system, the  Logistics Process Platform (LPP) and the respective logistics functions that can be integrated into the core system as required. 


The following functions are available along the value-added chain:

  • Collection
  • Photo documentation
  • Delivery
  • Loading equipment record / balance
  • Purchasing logistics
  • Business intelligence
  • Long-distance traffic
  • Universal communication service
  • SA/SE scanning
  • Navigation
  • Route planning
  • Regional forwarding agents
  • Position finding
  • Host interfaces
  • Event management
  • Mobile systems
  • Delivery tracking

For more details about the individual functions, the function scopes and the modular structure of cadisTRANSPORT TMS, please visit




For more than 30 years, the software house KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-enhancing solutions for the automobile industry, electronics manufacturers and the transport sector.


cadisTRANSPORT by KRATZER AUTOMATION is a logistics solution designed to enhance logistics automation by optimising the operative work processes involved in the collection and delivery of freight goods. The modular software suite cadisTRANSPORT TMS enables specific solutions for mobile devices and databases along the complete delivery chain.


The KRATZER AUTOMATION Test Systems division plans and implements test systems for automobile developers, primarily for use with engines, turbo chargers and gear units. The company focuses on the development of test benches for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


KRATZER AUTOMATION employs more than 200 people at its sites at Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. The company also maintains international subsidiaries in United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, and China.


The company’s customers include such organisations as BMW, MAN, Daimler, Porsche, VW, Siemens, Zollner, TQ Systems, Paragon, ADAC, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistics, 24Plus, Schenker and TNT.





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