cadis Security Gateway paves the way for Transportation Management of the future.

New standards in APP security:

Freight carriers and logistics providers put great emphasis on Android devices and specialized APP’s to document shipment processing but this in turn gives rise to questions about the security of highly sensitive operational systems and networks against hacker attacks together with the protection of user and customer data.

The IT specialists of KRATZER AUTOMATION can provide positive answers to these questions.

With cadis, protected Android devices and applications will be integrated within the IT environment of modern logistics providers.

The communication interface of the application will be installed in a so-called “Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)”. The operational server is protected against direct external attacks by a firewall and constitutes an important security feature.
The required internet connections occur via a Proxy server within the DMZ and thus are outside the protected zone. The data transfer takes place via the check point SLL network extender.


cadis Security Gateway - How it works:

During the first login process the application will be activated using a registration key on the relevant Proxy server.
The login occurs conveniently either on the server by scanning a 2D barcode key or by entering a pass phrase which has been previously sent via email. After the login is successful the application receives a randomly generated non retraceable authentication key.

Temporary access on demand

The validity of both keys can be time limited by an administrator as required. In addition, the access permission may be revoked at any time.
If the application has a valid access to server, drivers and depot employees can login with their user name and password and use the required functions within cadisAPP.

Suitable for regular and sporadic use

The procedure is suitable both for own employees (fixed staff) who use the application daily on corporate devices or for temporary drivers or spot drivers with a device that is only sporadically or intermittently connected.
The cadisAPP is compatible with all smartphones or mobile devices from Android 4.1 onwards.


Tested compatibility: cadisAPP has been extensively tested by ZEBRA, the hardware manufacturer and certified with the rating “SUCCESSFULLY TESTED COMPATIBILITY WITH ZEBRA TC75”.


cadis oTMS – IT drives logistics




KRATZER AUTOMATION AG was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Kratzer and Paul Balz as Gerhard Kratzer GmbH, Automatisierungstechnik München. From the outset the company focused on creating industrial, process-related software, in the founder years, for example, for the operations control centre of Ruhrgas AG. The automation of engine test beds at SHELL and BMW Motorsport was soon to follow. The company supports the ADAC in optimising its breakdown service fleet through the use of mobile data communications. In the early 1990s, KRATZER AUTOMATION was transformed from a pure software company into a general contractor offering an end-to-end service. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers tailored solutions from the consultancy through the implementation and maintenance right up to financing. In 1999 the company was converted into a 'family stock corporation' in which the employees, management staff and founder families all have a shareholding. In 2013 Gerhard Kratzer transferred to the position of CEO to Robert Rubner and has since concentrated on the duties as CFO. Detlef Naundorf becomes a member of the Executive Board, increasing the board to now three members. In July 2015 Sibylle Pessall was appointed CIO and Andreas Pötz as CFO to the Executive Board with Gerhard Kratzer continuing to act as consultant.



For more than 30 years the software company KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-related solutions to the international automotive industry and the transport sector in Europe.
In the Test Systems business unit, KRATZER AUTOMATION plans and produces test systems for automotive development, predominantly for engines, turbochargers, gearboxes and other powertrain components. A major focus here is on test systems for energy-saving and eco-friendly drive concepts, with a particular concentration on the demands of hybrid or electric drives, battery and fuel cell technology.
With cadis, the operational TMS, KRATZER AUTOMATION's Logistics Automation business unit offers a transport management system for the planning, execution and analysis of all operative work processes for freight transport. Consignment tracking and optimisation of the processes in modern logistics companies are the central themes here.



KRATZER AUTOMATION currently has a staff of approx. 300 employees at the sites in Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel and Wolfsburg. The company is internationally engaged with corporations in France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and China. Among the customers of KRATZER AUTOMATION are companies such as: BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Ford, MAN, Porsche, Umicore, VOLVO and VW (Test Systems), bpost, Geodis, DB Schenker, GEFCO, IDS Logistik, Norbert Dentressangle, John Lewis, Österreichische Post AG (Logistics Automation) Rhenus Logistics and the Geis Group.


For 35 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION AG has been attaching importance to financial independence and long-standing relations with employees, customers and suppliers.

The company meets its social responsibility in a variety of ways. Support for local and supra-regional youth development projects, and the offer of an art award for artists with mental disability round out the company's social commitment.

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