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Safety and transparency in transport logistics – KRATZER AUTOMATION at the transport logistic 2011



Munich, April 2011. With the success of cadisTRANSPORT TMS, KRATZER AUTOMATION has become an established European player in the field of operative transport management systems, mobile systems and customer services in the transport and logistics industry. The company will be at the transport logistic 2011 in Munich, where it will present its software solutions for optimising workflow and transparency in transport logistics.


Process stability and the transparency of logistical transport flows are of decisive importance for logistics service providers, particularly with just-in-time deliveries. It is irrelevant whether the recipient of the goods is an industrial company, a retail store or private individual.


Flexibility for accepting short-term orders and the performance or issuing of orders on the spot market require not only real-time tracking of deployed resources but also comprehensive data flows across all the interfaces in the transport chain.


cadisTRANSPORT TMS, the operative transport management system by KRATZER AUTOMATION AG offers you both: process stability through defined workflows and transparency from the planning to the performance phase and in the analysis of transports. With cadisTRANSPORT TMS, both drivers and dispatchers retain a constant real-time overview of the fulfilment of assured just-in-time agreements and can react immediately at any time within the assured delivery deadline.


Logistical solutions by KRATZER AUTOMATION have now become important factors of success in the day-to-day business of more than 100,000 mobile users. The basic delivery processing functions include:

  • Tour and sequence planning including calculation of arrival times
  • Mobile notification of deliveries
  • Proactive delivery information for the recipient
  • GPS verification at the destination
  • Recording of additional services upon delivery
  • Fully electronic, paperless processing of deliveries

The aim of all these functions is to improve the benefit to the customer while saving costs and considerably enhancing the satisfaction of both shipper and recipient.
It is these additional benefits, coupled with added security and the resultant high level of service that make companies who deploy cadisTRANSPORT TMS stand out from the competition.

Take the opportunity to experience this system for yourself live at the transport logistic in Munich, where a variety of example applications will be available, in particular for the following modules:

  • cadisAPP — the smart solution for the spot market and for issuing orders to alternating independent freight carriers: orders are processed via smartphone, and a wide range of additional functions is available.
  • Scanning upon delivery „Signature Capture“paperless forwarding of order data: signed freight papers are forwarded directly and in real time by signature scan. This simplifies invoicing, documentation of the shipment’s condition, and proof that deadlines have been met, as well as removing sources of error.
  • Long-distance traffic: with the cadisAPP module you can generate paperless freight documentation and real-time long-distance dispatch scheduling via smartphone. 

By employing flexible and individual modification methods and integrating the system into logistical service providers’ existing business solutions, additional support is given to process automation and the added value of electronic delivery processing.

Numerous references and applications in tough everyday conditions demonstrate the ability of cadisTRANSPORT TMS.

The use of the operative transport management system by KRATZER AUTOMATION enhances punctuality and quality of delivery, provides timely information about impending deviations, increases the efficiency of transport processing, and helps to create a decisive lead against the competition.




For more than 30 years, the software house KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying process-enhancing solutions for the automobile industry, electronics manufacturers and the transport sector.


cadisTRANSPORT by KRATZER AUTOMATION is a logistics solution designed to enhance logistics automation by optimising the operative work processes involved in the collection and delivery of freight goods.


The KRATZER AUTOMATION Test Systems division plans and implements test systems for automobile developers, primarily for use with engines, turbo chargers and gear units. The company focuses on the development of test benches for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts.


KRATZER AUTOMATION employs more than 200 people at its sites at Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. The company also maintains international subsidiaries in United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, and China.


The company’s customers include such organisations as BMW, MAN, Daimler, Porsche, VW, Siemens, Zollner, TQ Systems, Paragon, ADAC, DHL, DPD, IDS Logistics, 24Plus, Schenker and TNT.





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