bpost decides in favour of cadis – the operational TMS

KRATZER AUTOMATION wins another big European customer: bpost


Munich, August 2013: Logistics software specialist KRATZER AUTOMATION convinces bpost with its TMS software solution cadis.


bpost is the largest provider of postal services in Belgium and offers a wide range of transport services to its customers. bpost is now giving their parcel delivery drivers hand-held scanners to put the delivery of pensions, COD consignments and parcels on a powerful footing.


Using the Motorola MC65 scanners, the mobile application cadisMOBILE and cadis – the operational TMS, bpost improves collection, transport and delivery of the shipments entrusted to it.
The status of all shipments is traceably documented almost in real time.
Delivery of all letters and parcels is paperless due to the mobile scanners.
Due to the hand-written signature on the electronic writing field of the Motorola MC65 and its electronic processing by cadis, the sender can receive delivery receipts almost in real time.


In a Europe-wide invitation to tender, KRATZER AUTOMATION has won the contract with its applications cadisMOBILE and cadis – the operational TMS. Apart from its excellent references, cadis has convinced the European market with its range of functions, performance and guaranteed future as a modular software suite.


The software specialists of KRATZER AUTOMATION were able to offer a convincing concept for the introduction, operation and support of the cadis software suite and came out on top against European competitors.


"We are very happy to have bpost as our customer. We will do everything to make bpost a convinced reference company for cadisMOBILE and cadis – the operational TMS. bpost's award of contract shows us once again that we offer the most convincing product on the market. We will continue to work on this in the future," says Dr. Boris Thomaschewski, unit manager in charge at KRATZER AUTOMATION.

Currently, more than 4000 MC65 with cadisMOBILE are in use.

About cadis – the operational TMS

cadis – the operational TMS – created by KRATZER AUTOMATION is used to automate, document and optimise the operational processes of haulage logistics.

cadis is modular and consists of a core system, the Logistics Process Platform (LPP), and the add-on logistics functions which can be integrated into the core system as required.

For details about the modular design, the individual functions and the functionality of cadis – the operational TMS – see




KRATZER AUTOMATION was established in 1980 by Gerhard Kratzer and Paul Balz under the name of Gerhard Kratzer GmbH, Automatisierungstechnik München. From the beginning, the company has produced industrial, process-related software — in the early years for example for the control centre of Ruhrgas AG, the automation of engine test beds at SHELL and BMW Motorsport and for optimising the service operations of the "yellow angels" of the ADAC automobile association by means of wireless mobile data transmission. In the early 1990s, KRATZER AUTOMATION changed from a pure software company to a general contractor with a full service range from consulting to implementation to maintenance and financing. In 1999, the company was converted into a family-run stock corporation with interests held by employees, senior executives and the founding families.


For more than 30 years, the KRATZER AUTOMATION software firm has been supplying process-related solutions for the automotive industry, electronics manufacturers and the transport business.


KRATZER AUTOMATION has more than 250 employees at its sites at Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel and Wolfsburg. On the international level, the company is running its own subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and China.


The company's customers include
BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Ford, MAN, Porsche, Umicore und VW (Test Systems)
bpost, Geodis CIBLEX, DB Schenker, GEFCO, IDS Logistik, Norbert Dentressangle, (Logistics Automation)


The Test Systems business unit of KRATZER AUTOMATION is planning and implementing test systems for automobile development, primarily engines, turbochargers and transmissions.
A special focus is on test systems for energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts such as hybrid and electric drives and fuel cell technology.


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