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Powertrain test systems

Test Stands for Powertrains

  • Universal development tool
    Variable test stand configurations for a wide range of powertrains with manual or automatic transmission, adapted actuators and equipment for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Flexible, open test stand software
    Test stand automation system PAtools TX with high-performance real-time system and user-definable configuration and parametrisation. Test field management and test data management with testXplorer for integration into the IT environment of your company.
  • Integrated models
    Real-time simulation of vehicle, driver, combustion engine and CAN residual bus simulation
  • Adapted mechanics and drive technology
    Highly dynamic drives with low mass moment of inertia, coordinated test stand mechanics
  • Use of widely available components
    Measurement technology and actuators selected in consultation with the customer. We also support measurement systems that have already been introduced in your company.

High standards for convenience and drive dynamics together with strict statutory regulations place high requirements on vehicle development. The powertrain plays a key role in all of this. The different powertrain topologies, including hybrid drives, result in high overhead for development and testing. At the same time financial objectives must be achieved in ever shorter development times. The powertrain test stand is an important means for achieving this objective. Its purpose is to ensure simulation results and wide-ranging examinations such as functional development, control device coordination or durability tests with endurance runs, and to optimise hardware and software. Powertrain test stands from KRATZER AUTOMATION also offer virtual test drives on the test stand. They provide measurement results even before the time when tests have been made with prototypes. That makes it possible to reduce development time significantly. Using our flexible software tools PAtools TX and testXplorer, we integrate the test stand as a development tool optimally into your tool chain in development and quality management.

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Prüfstände für den Antriebsstrang (Powertrain)Prüfstände für den Antriebsstrang (Powertrain)