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PEMFC Short Stack Tester

PEMFC Short Stack Tester 4 kW, 1000 A, 30 V DC


The PEMFC short stack tester is designed in collaboration with LEANCAT to test PEM fuel cells for future application in electric vehicles. This tester enables reproducible and accurate investigations from a single cell up to a short stack.

Functional description

The short stack tester supplies hydrogen and air/oxygen for the anode and cathode of the fuel cell. Controlling the temperature, flow, humidity and pressure allows for detailed characterisation of the fuel cell. For in situ and ex situ investigation an electrical load (DC sink) and a variety of measurement devices (Potentiostat, EIS-Meter etc.) can easily be integrated into the tester and the automation system. In addition, the tester is equipped with a cooling system (WCU) designed for a water/glycol mixture. The open and flexible automation system PAtools enables to create individual test solutions.

The use cases are:

  • Characterization and optimization of PEM fuel cells
  • Stability, performance and degradation tests
  • Various sequences (e. g. accelerated stress tests)
  • Investigation of contaminations with poisonous gases (optional)

The customer benefits are:

  • Fast response and precise control
  • Flexible design for multiple short stack operating modes
  • Additional measurement equipment can be implemented conveniently
  • Safe handling, unattended operation and easily maintainable
  • Suitable for external fuel cell components (e. g. recirculation pump / humidifier)
  • CE certified

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PEMFC Short Stack TesterPEMFC Short Stack Tester