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Engine Test Stands

Engine Test Stands

We deliver the appropriate test stands for diverse testing requirements. Utilizing the broad range of the most capable suppliers the market has to offer, we implement mechanical systems, powerful drive technologies and precise measurement equipment.

After analyzing your requirements we deliver flexible "best of class" solutions. Our tailor-made test stand systems spread over the entire performance scale up to large commercial vehicles.

Dynamic Test Stands

On these test stands, asynchronous electrical motors, specially designed for engine test stands, are implemented. These motors have low moments of inertia and extremely high acceleration capabilities.

High-tech frequency drives utilizing precise built-in machine models in conjunction with HIL-Simulation on the test stand allow the exact simulation of powertrain components (transmission, clutch).

These test stands are at the top end of the application spectrum and allow the testing of dynamic test cycles e.g. FTP75 and customer specific transient modes.

Endurance Test Stands

These test stands are specially designed for endurance testing, quality testing, emission inspection und test cycles in stationary mode. Eddy current Dynos or hydraulic brakes are used as load units.

We conceive and implement solutions to your specification:

  • Diverse engine support frames and pallets
  • Conditioning of combustion air, water, oil and compressed air, optionally with cooling systems for turned off engines
  • Power supply for the engine and peripheral equipment
  • Flexible measuring box for voltage, pressure and temperature measurement; interference free integration into the automation system via industrial field bus systems
  • Integration of exhaust air measurement systems and indicating systems from diverse suppliers
  • Design of control desks, for manual operation as well as second level control, in the test room to customer specification
  • Automation solutions based on PAtools®. Scalable, with full networking capability and server support
  • Integration of electronic control units (ECUs) via CAN-Networks and ASAM-MCD-3

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