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Electric motor test benches

Electric motor test benches

  • Proven mechanics concept
    Base frame with air springs and DUT mount in a vibration-optimized design, as special requirement for high speeds. Safe distance between the maximum speed and the first natural system frequency.
  • Highly dynamic drive technology
    Compact load machines with low mass moment of inertia and highly accurate speed and torque measurements.
  • Simulation of ambient conditions and the coolant circuit
    Fluid cooling conditioning unit with control of temperature, flow and pressure, optionally with separate cooling circuits for the DUT motor and DUT inverter. On request a temperature chamber to simulate environmental conditions available.
  • Various test bench setups
    Setups available as e-axle back-to-back, e-motor back-to-back (motor-to-motor) or additional test bench gearbox.
  • Flexible, open test bench software
    Process control, test stand control and simulation as well as synchronous measured data  acquisition and processing. All processes and parameters can be flexibly modified by the customer.

Drive concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles are based on high-performance compact three-phase or six-phase machines with corresponding inverters. KRATZER AUTOMATION provides scalable, automated electric motor test benches for testing and characterizing these drives within the development process. Typical applications for these test benches include efficiency studies, thermal studies, endurance tests and drive cycle tests with vehicle simulation. Other tests are used for functional development.

The test benches consist of a special foundation with air springs, DUT mount, the load machine and battery simulator. Operation with a vehicle battery is optional. The conditioning system for the liquid cooling ensures reproducible conditions in the cooling circuit depending on the load. The test benches can be equipped with a climatic chamber for simulating environmental conditions on request. Our flexibly configurable PAtools TX automation system controls test benches with their auxiliary equipment and acquires all measuring and computing quantities.

E-motor plus test bench gearbox

Beside the typical e-motor test stand (DUT e-motor is connected to test bench drive), we are able to provide further setups. As an option, an industrial gearbox might be used to adapt speed and torque. This setup allows to test either high speed DUT e-motors or high torque DUT e-motors.

E-Motor back-to-back

Other setups are the so called back-to-back configurations. In this case, two DUTs are linked to each other. A test bench drive won’t be used. If the DUTs are a e-motors, the “motor-to-motor” setup looks like shown here:

E-axle back-to-back

In case of the DUTs are electric axle units (e-axle), the two DUTs are linked to each other by using side mounted gearboxes as shown here:

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