Keyvisual: Single cell testers by KRATZER AUTOMATION

Single Cell Testers

Single Cell Testers

Our battery testers are designed specifically for testing of individual battery cells. A common line voltage inverter supplies a range of 19" battery test slots, which can be combined flexibly.


  • Highest dynamics for battery testing
  • Specifically adapted control for battery testing
  • Ripple generator up to 15kHz (e.g. for simulation of inverter-reactions)
  • Currents up to 500A
  • Voltage 8V
  • Central, regenerative capable network connection
  • Parallel module wiring
  • Exchange of individual channels without interrupting operation of the entire system
  • Water-cooled
  • Test automation with the PAtools TX suite
    • Up to 12 cells in a temperature chamber with independent test runs
    • Intelligent control method of the test sequences relative to the common chamber temperature
  • Administration of test orders with the testXplorer suite
    • Management of battery types
    • Planning the allocation of the channels
    • Automatic test procedures
    • Management of test results

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