Schlüsselbild: Batterie-Simulation und Batterie-Test mit VES4-c


Battery simulation and battery tests with VES4-c

Vehicle Energy Systems VES4-c are specially adapted to test bench operation requirements and feature:

    • Power converter in SiC technology
    • High efficiency
    • Compact design
    • High dynamics and precision
    • Current and/or voltage ripple up to 15 kHz
    • Local control via touch panel
    • Insulation monitor can be deactivated
    • High speed interface 40 kHz
    • Quiet operation due to high switching frequency and water cooling
    • Integrated battery models
    • Increased performance by parallel connection at full dynamic
    • Comprehensive security features

    Wide Application Range

    Typical application range of VES4-c:

    • Battery testing
    • Battery simulation
    • Test of electric motor drives and inverters
    • Use as energy drain for fuel cells
    • Test of specific electrical components such as a DC/DC converter

      Along with high dynamics, these energy systems feature a wide control range and extensive control concept. This allows the VES4-c to operate various loads with capacitive, ohmic and inductive characteristics. All hybrid components can be tested and simulated.

      Output Performance

      • 250 kW (300 kW 30s) / ±1000 A / 0..1000 V

      EtherCAT Interface

      • Easy to integrate via ESI file
      • Continuous data up to 5 kHz
      • Oversampling up to 10 kHz
      • Fast transmission of battery model parameters

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      Vehicle Energy Systems - Batterie-Simulation und Batterie-Test mit VES 3Vehicle Energy Systems - Batterie-Simulation und Batterie-Test mit VES 3