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Dynamic air conditioning to simulate charging systems

Simulation of charging systems

The dynamic air conditioning unit (ACU) simulates charging systems for mono-cylinder or multi-cylinder engines on the test bench. The ACU enables two main fields of applications:

  • Optimization of steady-state and transient behavior of a given internal combustion engine
  • Simulation of turbocharger characteristics under different conditions

Based on the characteristic maps of compressor and turbine the built-in turbocharger modeling system allows real-time simulation of the compressor boost pressure in all map operating points. The optional back pressure control unit can be used on the engine exhaust line to dynamically emulate the turbine load.

Customer benefits

  • Pressure, temperature and humidity of engine intake air can be varied in a wide range, even under high dynamic load
  • High repeatability due to high control precision of intake air conditions
  • Flexible automation system PAtools TX including system monitoring
  • Low maintenance costs and intervals

    Flexible design and interface

    • The ACU can easily be integrated into the test bench as a master or slave device
    • Compact modular design. Form factor can be adapted to the available space.
    • The ACU automation system PAtools TX embeds a facility management tool for controlling and monitoring of the compressor pool, cooling facility or any slave device inside the test cell
    • Safety functions can be adapted according to existing safety concepts
    • Physically based modeling or various control principles can easily be integrated according to customer requirements
    • Supported communication protocols with the test bench:
      • CAN
      • EtherCAT
      • PROFIBUS
      • Digital I/O
      • Analog I/O
      • Serial

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