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Test Bench Solutions

Test bench solutions for modern drive concepts

Our customers are working on efficient, modern and alternative drive concepts for future generations of vehicles.

Further development of internal combustion engines serves to capture the potential available for improving efficiency. Modern technologies and materials are used to reduce mechanical losses. The use of modern exhaust gas turbocharger technology will enable downsizing with the same power in coming generations of vehicles, which in turn will allow for smaller, lighter and more economical engines.

Hybrid vehicles with 48V on-board power supplies and all-electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more attractive for short and medium distances and urban mobility concepts. Highly specialised facilities are required to develop powerful hybrid concepts and battery technologies for testing Vehicle Energy Systems, electric drive trains, individual cells, batteries and battery packages.

To map test processes under the most realistic conditions possible, manufacturers and suppliers need tested, scalable and efficient test solutions. We implement test bench solutions for battery and hybrid concepts in line with these future-oriented issues and give our customer the development tools they need for the entire drive train from a single source.

KRATZER AUTOMATION offers turnkey technologies for developing modern drive concepts with the latest test benches and corresponding test bench software for controlling complete testing centres and managing test data.

Overview of our technologies

Battery simulation

Our Vehicle Energy Systems VES3, VES4 and 48V are specially designed for the requirements of test bench operation.

Battery test systems

Battery testing together with system – available from a single source. Battery test systems from KRATZER AUTOMATION offer you solutions for numerous tasks, from single test benches to the test field.

Power electronics test benches with electric motor emulator

Development and quality assurance for electric vehicle drives requires comprehensive testing of the individual components, from the energy storage through the traction inverter to the electric motor.

Electric motor test benches

Drive concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles are based on powerful, compact three-phase machines with corresponding power electronics. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers scalable, automated electric motor test benches for testing these drives and determining their characteristics in the development process.

Fuel Cells

Modular test systems for fuel cell technology. Test systems from KRATZER AUTOMATION offer you solutions for numerous assignments related to testing fuel cell technology for vehicle drive systems.

Engine test benches

With our flexible solutions we offer test bench solutions tailor-made for individual needs in different designs for different power classes up to and including commercial vehicles.

Air supply test benches

Air supply systems make the oxygen required to operate a fuel cell stack or system available from the air depending on the required output by compressing the air to the operation pressure and providing the required mass flow.

Powertrain test benches

High standards for convenience and drive dynamics together with stricter statutory regulations place high requirements on vehicle development. The powertrain plays a key role in all of this. The different powertrain topologies, including hybrid drives, result in high overhead for development and testing. At the same time financial objectives must be achieved in ever shorter development times.

Test benches for turbochargers

Developing and optimizing exhaust gas turbochargers requires test benches on which reproducible conditions of mass flow, temperature and pressure on the exhaust gas turbocharger can be adjusted. This is especially important for recording Look Up Tables and studying efficiency.

Test benches for components

Solutions for testing individual components and units as well as special test benches for individual customer-specific applications.

Intake air conditioning

Dynamic air conditioning for simulating turbocharging systems. A dynamic Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) simulates modern turbocharging systems (exhaust gas turbochargers or electrically powered radial compressors) in single and multi-cylinder engines.

Dynamic oil conditioning

For mobile use on test benches. Many automotive components, such as exhaust gas turbochargers, transmissions and bearings require an oil supply while the vehicle is being operated for power transfer, lubrication, damping and heat dissipation. Conditioning systems simulate the oil circuit in the vehicle at the test bench and ensure the supply of oil to components.

Vehicle End of Line

Test benches for vehicle testing of various components following final assembly.

Chassis Dynamometers

Chassis dynamometers for the automotive and commercial vehicle market allowing NVH tests, exhaust emission tests, climate and endurance tests.

Robot Driver

Modular designed driving robot with automated control systems for driving vehicles on chassis dynamometers in a variety of test applications.

Brake Inertia Dynamometer

The Brake Inertia Dynamometer is arranged ‘in-line’, with the main elements being flywheel assemblies, brake test area, DC or AC machine, and a disc brake.

YouTube video: Container Test Stand for Electronic Engines
Test stand for electronic engines enabling tests of engines in so called axis configurations. The test bench shown in this video has been built in a container construction, making it possible to get it up and running in a short period of time.

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