Keyvisual: PAtools Application Modules

PAtools Application Modules

Application modules for efficient solutions

PAtools application modules to reduce the complexity of tomorrow

Benefit from the use of PAtools application modules to create fast and efficient solutions for your wide range of operations:

  • Faster and less expensive results
    Exploit the extensive module library and employ complete “out-of-the-box” modules also for complex applications. Use the basic modules to create your individual solution more quickly.
  • Higher software quality
    Proven and automatically tested modules reduce the risk of failure and assure you of lower consequential costs. The software is managed centrally by specialists according to a defined style guide.
  • Simpler maintenance and update process
    Defined interfaces allow a simple replacement/update in existing applications. Versioned modules allow distinctly localised troubleshooting.
  • Improved multi-site solutions
    Avoid isolated solutions and use the same modules at all your sites. Take advantage of the underlying multilingualism concept.
  • Gradual migration of your existing test field solution
    Utilise our migration strategies to gradually modernise your existing test field solution and benefit from the advantages of the application modules.

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PAtools application modules for efficient test solutionsPAtools application modules for efficient test solutions