Keyvisual: Test bench automation with PAtools TX

PAtools® TX: automatise your test benches

Tools for Test Stand Automation

  • Universal and scaleable
    Automate all your different test bench types under one common framework
  • Flexible and extendable
    Modify and extend your test bench solution with efficient tools
  • Efficient and Time Saving
    Workflow-based test creation and dynamic re-loading at runtime
  • High Performance and Stability
    Implement your maximum requirements on PAtools® Realtime Multi Slot Technology
  • Reliable, Proven and Open
    Rely on market leading systems and common industry standards
  • Protecting your Investments
    Benefit from constant developments in PAtools® TX with downward compatibility and use your existing test profiles as they stand after software upgrades

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Test stand automation with PAtools® TXTest stand automation with PAtools® TX