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testXplorer: Test Field and Test Data Management

Efficient and Secure Test Field and Test Data Management with testXplorer

Managing a test field ties up considerable amounts of resources and time. Our testXplorer Test Field and Test Data Management system guarantees efficient control of the complex processes involved. Due to the flexible customization of licenses, configurations and customer- specific add-ins, testXplorer suits perfectly to any company that operates test fields.

With the web-based solution, you are always in control of the digital planning, organization, management and real-time monitoring of the entire test field processes. Resources such as test benches, devices under test, measuring devices, as well as the media required for operation, such as electricity or natural gas, are efficiently included and mapped in a user-friendly manner.
The diverse modules of testXplorer enable transparent test field management throughout the entire workflow: from the requirement request for an initial test idea over the scheduling at the test bench, centralized and automated test data management up to evaluation and internal billing. Automated management of storage media reduces administration effort and ensures a high level of security. The functions will be fully integrated into your specific IT infrastructure. Compatibility with all measurement and automation systems based on the XML standard is provided.

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Integrated Testing with testXplorer

  • Step 1: Creation of the test order by customer

  • Step 2: Test and resource planning

  • Step 3: Organization of measuring equipment and test items

  • Step 4: Preparation of tests

  • Step 5: Execution of the tests

  • Step 6: Import of data generated on test benches (independent of PAtools and testXplorer)

  • Step 7: Analysis and test evaluation

  • Step 8: Process-accompanying and decentralized monitoring of the test field

5 reasons to choose testXplorer

Module Definitions

The testXplorer has a modular structure and can be customized. This makes it possible to achieve functionality that is precisely tailored to the customer. Click on the icons to learn more about the modules listed individually below.




  • Provision of the basic functions of testXplorer including user administration with permissions and roles
  • Management of projects, links, files and comments



  • Management of test benches with type-specific parameters
  • Monitoring of maintenance intervals with e-mail notification
  • Connection to the test benches
  • Assignment of test benches as resource of work orders



  • Automatic logging of changes within testXplorer and its modules
  • Enabling documentation to support audits (e.g. proof of storage of changes as part of quality management audits)

Test Data Management



  • Central file management through automated storage of measurement data and its linking with organizational data and files
  • Easy retrieval of results through versioning and labeling of data with keywords



  • Reduction of data load through automatic archiving of files via customer-specific archiving rules



  • Automatic import of files and their metadata (also test data from test benches not operated with PAtools)



  • Enable file access (read-only) for third-party analysis or evaluation software/tools

Test Field Management



  • Management of test and work orders with linking of the different order, planning and test parameters as well as the resources and result data
  • Tracking of work orders and tasks in the kanban system



  • Flexible planning of test jobs on different levels in the calendar
  • Easy detection of free periods as well as resource conflicts on a test bench through intuitive visualization



  • Management of devices under test with type-specific parameters
  • Monitoring of expiration dates with e-mail notification
  • Assignment of devices under test as resource of work orders



  • Management of measuring devices with type-specific parameters
  • Monitoring of calibration intervals with e-mail notification
  • Assignment of measuring devices or collections of measuring devices as resource of work orders



  • E-mail notifications of entity changes for users added as observers



  • Provide stock information for better traceability of DUTs or measuring devices
  • Capture information through tracking using QR codes and automatic status updates



  • Test parameterization for test generation and transmission of the test to the test bench



  • Acquisition of operating data, test bench runtimes and fault-related downtimes to evaluate the utilization of the test field as well as the reasons for downtimes




  • Customized display of parameters of currently running tests



  • Planning of media consumption (e.g., electricity, natural gas, etc.) for efficient distribution of media across the test field


Facts and Figures

Daily Records*

  • Up to 84.000 stored measurement files
  • 700 GB data transfer
  • Up to 1.500 stored event files

Nice to know*

  • Currently, up to 500 active users can be recorded in the system at one of our customers
  • Avoidance of nearly all test bench waiting periods is possible

The Test Field and Test Data Management solution testXplorer is an efficient, web-based solution for managing test results and the associated information from the test field.

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* Presented information refers to specific individual customers