Patrick Siegl

Patrick Siegl was born in 1991 in Munich (Germany) (DE). Here he attended the Montessori School in Großhadern, where his outstanding artistic talent was first noticed.

In September 2011 Siegl moved directly from school to the atelier hpca as a member, where he works daily on his slowly growing oeuvre. For Patrick Siegl, every painting is a completely new beginning.

Like the departure into a new world, his starting point is totally different from any previous one. A pictorial world is newly produced, it is projected, and the plans of its inner construction are then laid out in a spiritual ground plan. Everything is always already planned, every detail is already in the head when the pencil or the fineliner touches the sheet of paper for the first time. Too delicate and small, too vulnerable and immaterial, these worlds are too early to 'disenfranchise' themselves. Caution and slowness, and many, many doubts, and even more repetitions and retrievals determine the long path of their emergence - their birth!

He designs, draws and paints, in a miniature manner, mostly monumental architectures and archaic landscapes. His great interest in Asian culture and his profound knowledge of it are a constant feature of his work.