Laura Schwörer

Laura Schwörer born 30.01.1989.

Laura Schwörer has been artistically active for about 10 years. At first she worked with watercolour on paper, since 2010 she works exclusively with acrylic paint on stretcher frames.

From her very own world of self-created mythical creatures and fairy tale creatures such as elves and fairies, which are not to be found in any saga, comes the inspiration for painting these colorful, imaginative pictures. Laura's paintings express her social commitment to inclusion, tolerance and esteem by transferring different cultures, peoples and mentalities of the earth from her own imagination into the world of her elves and fairies. In the picture "Snare pug fever", fairies from another planet are depicted who are committed to the inclusion of extraterrestrials.

Laura Schwörer works very elaborately and rich in detail. The completion of a picture measuring 80 x 80 cm takes about 1.5 months. Laura is very persistent in her work. A painting time of approx. 5-6 hours in her spare time is the rule. While painting Laura listens to music from the fields of classical music, rock, pop, hip-hop, blues and rock ´n Roll and gets inspired by it.

What she feels while painting, Laura also processes into poems and stories.

Laura's paintings have already been exhibited at the Kunstmeile Kiel (2012 and 2013) and at the Artegrale in Kiel.