Key visual Responsibility for the society


Responsibility for Society

Area of activity: Community

The social commitment from KRATZER AUTOMATION focuses on three main areas: youth development programs, financial support for many social projects to help people in need together with an involvement in local social facilities and schools.
We support youth sports and in addition we financially support the acquisition of a small vehicle dedicated to the mobile care for homeless people. We also offer an award for artists with mental disability who have since enjoyed wide (international) recognition as part of the euward project (European Art Award for Painting and Graphic Arts by Artists with a Mental Disability).
For many projects, the private commitment often interferes with the social corporate responsibility. An example would be the numerous projects which are conducted in collaboration with the local LIONS Club.


 Laureates of the Art Award

In 2012, KRATZER AUTOMATION has launched in Unterschleissheim a very special kind of art award.
The special aspect to this is that this award sponsors/supports mentally handicapped artists (outsider artists) whose creative work exists outside the Art establishment (Outsider Art). By awarding these outsider artists every year KRATZER AUTOMATION wants to provide them with attention, acceptance and support.

“Software to get things moving!” “To monitor and manage real processes via abstract programming codes – that has always been a source of fascination for me.” Gerhard Kratzer both founder and CEO of the company describes his personal motivations, via software to be able to control (manage) automatically operational processes. As an “Art to get things moving”, he has discovered in 2007 the works (painting, graphic design and sculptural work) of mentally handicapped artists and has subsequently become their collector and patron.
The enthusiasm and the impact generated by this outsider art has ensured the cultural commitment of the company and has led to the donation of an art award. In collaboration with one mentally handicapped artist of an institute to be sponsored, this art prize has been awarded every year since 2012.

The HighTech&Kunst collector cup

Creates increasing excitement every year:

KRATZER AUTOMATION has been producing collector’s cups (mugs) with artistic decorations every year since 2002.  From the very beginning, they were produced as a gift for our guests and these cups have been given for some time to friends of the company, business partners, guests and employees.

Meanwhile, a real growing collector’s passion has been aroused among our employees and partners.  For this reason a lot of cups have thus become collected and ranked in chronological sequence. The number of cups illustrates perfectly in a very visible way the long-term basis of our customer and contractual professional relationships with our employees.

That is the reason why our partners and employees have all been eagerly waiting for the moment when they will discover the new design of the latest edition for this year. Until 2011, the collector’s cups have been adorned with artistic creations that have been ordered directly with an independent artist. In 2012, KRATZER AUTOMATION launched a very special kind of art award HighTech&Kunst (“High Tech meets art”) which has led to awards being made to an outsider artist every year since, in the context of the sponsoring initiative of the company for mentally handicapped artists: an artistic creation of the prize winner will adorn the current collector’s cup, the company calendar and the Christmas card.

With this innovative initiative, KRATZER AUTOMATION supports the promotion and distribution of art creations from excellent outsider artists whilst surprising at the same time a growing number of the company’s partners and employees with a special treat every year.