Key visual Responsibility for the environment


Responsibility for the Environment

Efficient processes help companies to work while saving and respecting resources. For this reason the KRATZER AUTOMATION software products contribute directly to reducing the use of these resources and promote a responsible and respectful handling of these precious and limited resources.

The optimal use of resources to avoid their unnecessary use can also be linked to the enhancement of “Software for process efficiency”. In all business sectors, we tend to reach for optimized solutions and efficient processes across the added value chain of our customers.
Our business fields contribute thus directly to an optimized use of these resources.

The business unit Test Systems plans and implements test benches and integrated testing (test bench integration) for the mobility of the future.
Whether in the development of drive concepts in the hybrid and electric mobility (hybrid and electric cars) or in the efficiency optimization of combustion engines, our test bench solutions offer our customers highly efficient test benches (stands) together with enhancements which will provide solutions in the field of future-proof electric mobility (cars) which will suit their requirements in the future. The answer to this challenge is PAtools TX, a modular software package from KRATZER AUTOMATION offering an optimization of test processes and the monitoring of whole test facilities (workflow management).

Our highest priority is to offer our customers an adapted infrastructure while being mindful of saving limited and precious resources (and renewable energy sources) in order to help them to continue to enhance the optimization capacity of the current drive concepts and to develop and test technologies of new drive concepts.

At our headquarters near Munich we obtain the electricity for our building and our server system from 100 % hydro-electric power. In addition, we use for our systems the latest generation and energy efficiency classes. When selecting our IT and other electric devices, we give preference to low-power consumption devices.