Keyvisual: Good reasons to come to us

Good Reasons

Good reasons to come to us

Discover below why KRATZER AUTOMATION could be your ideal employer:

What makes KRATZER AUTOMATION different than other employers in the industry?

KRATZER AUTOMATION is a stable, independent family enterprise with many years of experience which has established itself in the market and is able to offer its employees secure jobs with good prospects for the future.

The company is seen by the founding families and employees as one big "KA family". They carry forward the goals of the company, working together to ensure its long-term positive development.

We avoid outside control by remaining financially stable and independent. At the same time we build our success on our employees, managers and owners who remain with the company for a long time and identify with it.

Why is working at KRATZER AUTOMATION so rewarding?

You can expect exciting assignments and a challenging work environment with competent and motivated colleagues who are ready to help.
Our business culture embodies respect as we deal with others and open, fair communication. KRATZER AUTOMATION has an open-door policy. We call each other by our first names and use the familiar "Du" form in German.
Many assignments at KRATZER AUTOMATION involve direct contact with our customers and users of our systems. Thus our software and applications are developed not in isolation, but rather in direct response to external needs.

Our KRATZER company culture also includes varied social events and festive get-togethers.

Through regular, short stand-up meetings, our employees always receive up-to-date information across business areas and competence boundaries.

Does KRATZER AUTOMATION also offer opportunities to work in other countries?

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG has positioned itself internationally within its global markets. In addition to the location and headquarters in Unterschleißheim and other locations in Europe, the company is also active in Asia and North America.

So if you want to get to know the world and other cultures, foreign assignments are possible depending on your area of responsibility. For project management and commissioning (remote as well as on-site) we are looking for enthusiastic travelers.