Keyvisual: Good reasons to come to us

Good Reasons

Good reasons to come to us

Discover below why KRATZER AUTOMATION could be your ideal employer:

F1: What fields is KRATZER AUTOMATION active in?

KRATZER AUTOMATION is an innovative high-tech company for industrial applications. Our software solutions provide efficient and transparent processes for our demanding, international customers in the automotive industry and the transport sector.

KRATZER AUTOMATION plans and implements turnkey Test Systems for clients in the automotive development industry. Our test stands make an important contribution to the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly drives for vehicles ranging from conventional internal combustion engines to innovative electric and hybrid concepts. The core of every test stand is the PAtools Software Suite with its graphical user interface and sophisticated measurement control and regulation functions.

In Logistics Automation KRATZER AUTOMATION offers cadis, a Transport Management System (TMS) for optimizing the planning, execution and analysis of all operational work processes for freight transport, as well as a courier and parcel service. We are one of the largest complete system providers in Europe for transport management systems, mobile systems and services.

F2: What makes KRATZER AUTOMATION different than other employers in the industry?

KRATZER AUTOMATION is a stable, independent family enterprise with many years of experience which has established itself in the market and is able to offer its employees secure jobs with good prospects for the future.

In 2010 KRATZER AUTOMATION was one of the top 50 revenue generating German software companies (PwC study).

In the field of Logistics Automation KRATZER AUTOMATION was among the top 50 logistics IT providers in the German market by sales volume in 2011.
KRATZER AUTOMATION is one of the top 15 revenue generating German TMS providers with cadis (BVL (The Global Supply Chain Network).

In the field of Test Systems KRATZER AUTOMATION is the world market leader in turbocharger test stands. All well known automotive manufacturers use our company's know-how.

The company is seen by the founding families and employees as one big "KA family". They carry forward the goals of the company, working together to ensure its long-term positive development.

Employees benefit directly from the success of their business division through profit-sharing. Employees can acquire shares in the company, making them part owners.

We avoid outside control by remaining financially stable and independent. At the same time we build our success on our employees, managers and owners who remain with the company for a long time and identify with it.

F3: What awards has KRATZER AUTOMATION received?

Our company has already won awards a number of times in various categories. You can see here what awards KRATZER AUTOMATION has received recently.

  • In 2014 KRATZER AUTOMATION was recognized with a very special honour, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises. This award distinguishes successful medium-sized companies and was described in 2011 by isw, a well known German consulting firm, as the most important German business award. The award received special attention in the German press and among politicians.
  • The company was chosen by n-tv to receive the "Hidden Champion" award for medium-sized companies in 2013.
  • In 2012 KRATZER AUTOMATION was honoured by the independent rating agency Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen with the best possible score in its credit assessment.
  • ICU Business Award 2011: The city of Unterschleißheim (near Munich) honoured Gerhard Kratzer as an entrepreneur.

We are proud of the prizes and distinctions we have been awarded. We think of them as incentive to continue in the future doing our best to live up to our role as a leader.
KRATZER AUTOMATION – an award-winning employer. Why not step up onto the winner's podium with us?

F4: What makes working in a medium-sized company appealing?

The day-to-day work routine in a medium-sized company offers considerably more variety because the individual areas of responsibility are usually broader than in a major corporation. While medium-sized companies prefer generalists who can work independently and think entrepreneurially, jobs in large companies are normally highly specialised and arranged in a steep hierarchy. If you are just starting out in your professional career, this means you will be able to take on responsibility faster with KRATZER AUTOMATION.

As a medium-sized company we also have a streamlined organisation. Employees get a chance to speak and express their ideas. We are far removed from the bureaucracy and hierarchical thinking of a large corporation. Individual employees are not just cogs in a machine in our company. Each one has the opportunity to contribute directly to the success of KRATZER AUTOMATION. In our company employees can work independently, take on responsibility and really make a difference – with likeable colleagues.

As a medium-sized employer, KRATZER AUTOMATION also offers short communication and decision making processes. Senior management is much more visible on a daily basis than in a large corporation. Decisions are made faster because there are fewer levels involved and fewer people to convince. That enables us to implement projects faster.

F5: Why is working at KRATZER AUTOMATION so rewarding?

You can expect exciting assignments and a challenging work environment with competent and motivated colleagues who are ready to help.
Our business culture embodies respect as we deal with others and open, fair communication. KRATZER AUTOMATION has an open-door policy. We call each other by our first names and use the familiar "Du" form in German.
Many assignments at KRATZER AUTOMATION involve direct contact with our customers and users of our systems. Thus our software and applications are developed not in isolation, but rather in direct response to external needs.

Our KRATZER company culture also includes varied social events and festive get-togethers.
Partners and employee's children are also cordially invited to our annual Christmas party and summer celebration.
Twice a year we have a "KAMtogether" where management informs the staff about what's new in the company. Of course food and drinks are also provided for the event.
Staff outings are arranged by various departments, giving employees the opportunity to spend the day sailing, for example, or on a high-ropes course with their colleagues.

F6: What clients will I be working with in my job at KRATZER AUTOMATION?

KRATZER AUTOMATION's customers include both medium-sized and large companies. Arranged by market segment they include some well-known companies:

  • In the automotive industry BMW, Daimler, MAN, Porsche, Umicore, VW, Audi, Skoda, Peugeot, Honeywell and others
  • in the transport sector DB Schenker, DHL, TNT, DPD, Geodis CIBLEX, the Austrian Post Office and IDS Logistik.

F7: Does KRATZER AUTOMATION also offer opportunities to work in other countries?

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG has positioned itself internationally within its globally established markets. In addition to the headquarters at the Unterschleißheim location and subsidiaries in Europe (including France, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic) the company also has branch offices in China and the USA.

If you are interested in getting to know the world and other cultures, assignments in other countries are possible depending on your area of activity. We are looking for employees who enjoy travelling for project handling and commissioning (remote as well as on site).

F8: What opportunities for personal development does KRATZER AUTOMATION offer?

Development possibilities at KRATZER AUTOMATION are not focused on scaling a steep hierarchy, but rather on mastering more and more areas of competence.

Working at KRATZER AUTOMATION means investing in your own professional future.
The annual employee review includes planning for personal development and measures are agreed on together to promote these goals. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers advanced training and educational activities to help employees develop professional, methodological and social competence as needed. From numerous qualification possibilities we choose what works best in each specific case.

This could include for example: Independent study with specialist literature, external training courses, webinars, networking/exchange of experience, news groups, internal workshops and working on special assignments.

Our dynamic growth opens up a wide variety of development opportunities for employees.